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Requiem For a Journalist

Fitz walks into the Oval and finds Cyrus and Liv waiting for him. Cyrus launches into his spiel on how terrible it is that Sally is meeting with the gun lobby today. Fitz wants Cyrus to go home, but Liv assures him that Cyrus needs to work. Fitz asks if he should go to Houston too, but Cyrus and Liv want him to send Nichols and Mellie. Nichols is moderate on guns but the lobby loves Mellie. Liv is concerned that Sally is going to get to Houston first.

Cut to Sally and Leo in the car, heading to the airport. Sally is prepping for her meeting with the gun lobby when the driver says they have to head back, because Air Force Two has been grounded. Leo guesses that Cyrus grounded the plane.

Mellie and Nichols are in Houston, shooting skeet. That sounds dirtier than I meant it. They bicker over the Second Amendment, which I guess counts as foreplay in the Republican party? Mellie's a good shot. I feel like that might come up later.

Adnan and Marie are meeting with two terrorists, but Marie complains that she usually meets with Ivan. The terrorists say that Ivan is busy. Marie responds by whipping out a gun and pumping two bullets in one man's head. She quickly disarms the other guy and tells him to give a message to Ivan for her: that she wants to meet with HIM. Adnan looks ill. I'm just wondering how they're going to dispose of the body. I'm all about logistics.

Huck goes into Liv's office and tells her that he examined the footage from her safe (Liv: "You put a camera in my safe?") and discovered that Quinn saw the Daniel Douglas file. So B613 knows everything.

Liv visits Jake and yells at him for taking three innocent lives, including that of one of her friends. Jake tells her that they might have different definitions of innocent and bad things happen to good people all the time. I wonder if Scott Foley is consciously aping Rowan's diction in this scene or if the writing just lends itself to speaking that way. Liv demands over and over to know who put Jake up to this, and Jake finally blows a gasket: "I am Command, Olivia! Who do you think?" I mean, seriously. What DID she think? She doesn't seem to get what Jake's job is now.

Olivia spits that he said he'd be different, but he's turned into her father. Jake insists he's different, because he didn't pull "some poor, broken soldier out of a hole" and make him do something awful. Jake did the awful thing himself. That's some serious hair-splitting that Jake's got going on to be able to live with himself. Like Olivia, he's trying to do the right thing when the right thing ins this scenario would probably be to run away to Montana or something. Anyway, Liv realizes the full horror of what Jake has done and goes to leave. He advises her to accept that James killed in a carjacking. She asks what happens if she doesn't, and he repeats, "Bad things happen to good people all the time." Well, that's a threat.

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