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Requiem For a Journalist

Cyrus walks into his office as he assures someone on the phone that he's fine. Inside, he finds numerous giant floral arrangements and appears confused as to why they're there. Gee, do you think Cyrus is in denial and he's going to have a huge breakdown in a little while when the enormity of his loss hits him? You do? Congratulations, you've watched television before. Flashback to James and Cyrus arguing because Cyrus won't let James be his date to the Inaugural Ball because he's not out. They argue about whether or not Cyrus should come out. I think this is the argument we saw in a previous episode's flashback? Or heard from outside.

Adnan meets with Harrison in a parking garage, where she usually hangs out. She asks Harrison if he still has contacts in Justice, because she might need to make a quick escape. Before Harrison can answer, Adnan gets spooked by a nearby speeding car and takes off.

Jake visits David to wonder why there hasn't been an arrest yet in James's murder. David makes some excuses about red tape but Jake gets all threatening and asks if he needs to put James's car in the suspect's living room, because he will. Jake also knows that David scheduled a meeting with the Attorney General, but David insists it's just an update and he's not going to tell anyone what happened, because nothing happened. Jake says David needs to arrest the suspect, soon. David might have a mental breakdown. Soon.

Liv meets with her dad on their park bench. He's not happy to be there, and she begs him to be a nice, normal dad for a few seconds. Rowan sits and softens a bit. Liv is having a crisis because it feels like everyone she loves is a monster and everyone is evil and she doesn't know what the point is. Rowan chuckles and she tells him about Sally and DDL and James. Rowan isn't surprised and Liv starts to leave, because he's not taking her seriously. He tells her to sit so that he can be her dad. Then he launches into a Rowan-length speech about how he's responsible for 183 deaths, and every one marked him. He was the Hand of God for a while, and it was "the worst punishment in the world." He goes on to say that everyone is worth saving, and it's Liv's job to drag everyone into the light. No pressure, though. The fate of humanity is just in your hands. When did Liv turn into Buffy? Rowan takes Liv's hand as she cries and considers what he's said and after an appropriate pause, asks if he's finished being dad now. Heh. She nods and he leaves.

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