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Requiem For a Journalist

Nichols and Mellie shoot skeet with the gun lobbyists, who announce that Fitz didn't do enough for them in his first term, so they'll be supporting Sally Langston this time around. Do lobbyists really drag candidates all the way to Houston to just say, "Nope, not you." That seems mean. Mellie jumps in and asks if Fitz could make a gesture, like a speech from the White House supporting the Second Amendment.

That works, and Nichols later calls Fitz to relay the good news. Fitz thanks him for the hard work and Nichols gives all credit to Mellie, as he should. Nichols says that Mellie's right there and Fitz can thank her himself. Fitz is awful: he says, 'No, that's okay." Ouch. Mellie's smile fades.

Cyrus marches into Fitz's office and says he heard about the big speech from Mellie's staff, and he doesn't want Fitz to do it. Fitz wonders when Cyrus last ate and calls out to Lauren to bring them some food. Cyrus refuses food and poor Lauren is left to do nothing but close the door. I hope Lauren gets paid well, because she has to put up with some bullshit. Anyway, Cyrus points out that they're up against a Democrat who shot his wife's rapist (well, as far as the public knows, that's what happened) and Sally Langston, "who might love guns even more than she loves Jesus." Cyrus thinks they should try to steal some folks from the left, because they're looking for someone, and Fitz can do it now because he was shot and his Press Secretary was shot, so no one would question it. Fitz isn't sure about using James's death politically. Cyrus is all business, and says it will get them votes.

Flashback to Day Five of the Grant Presidency. Cyrus enters the Oval at night, where Fitz is reviewing some reports. It's really, really, really obvious to Fitz and the viewers that Cyrus is kinda sorta trying to come out to Fitz, but Cyrus chickens out at the last minute and just says that he's seeing someone. Fitz is super careful with his wording, asking if Cyrus loves this person, and Cyrus says he does. Fitz says that's all that matters and looks pained as Cyrus leaves, sad that his friend isn't ready to confide what he already knows. Remember when Fitz wasn't a garbage person?

Montage to get through some shit: Fitz gives a speech calling for gun control, Sally gets the gun lobby's support, Mellie and Nichols are pissed, no arrest made in James's carjacking and murder. Cut to Nichols and Mellie in their hotel room, drunk and arguing about gun control. They bicker collegially until suddenly they're sitting on the floor together staring into each other's face holes. Nichols says that it's a shame that Fitz can't see her the way that he does. Mellie pauses for a minute then jumps his bones and they totally do it. You go, Mellie. Get some.

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