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Requiem For a Journalist

Abby comes home to find David lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. He makes up a couple of different excuses about what he was doing but Abby's not buying it. She won't let it drop, and finally she tells David that whether he's in danger or trouble, he needs to give it to her and let her share in it and help bear the burden, because they love each other and that's what you do. David takes a breath and says that he has to send an innocent man to jail so that he can stay alive. Honestly? I don't get why he's so upset about sending the innocent man to jail. I mean, the guy kind of wants to go, doesn't he? I guess David still believes in justice. Except when it comes to fixing Presidential elections. Anyway, David spills the whole thing to Abby.

Quinn comes home (she still comes home? She's not just living with Charlie) to find Huck in her apartment. He's got his toolbox. Please kill her. PLEASE! He says that he came there to kill her and put her down. She tries to draw on him, but come on. Huck throws Quinn up against a wall and Huck-whispers to her that he trained her so he knows that she's too good to be seen on camera if she didn't want to be, which means that she wanted to get caught. She wanted OPA to know what B613 was doing, because she's still a Gladiator. Quinn looks like she might cry and then spits in his face. She tells him, "Screw you" and then they start making out. You guys, I can't with this storyline. I kind of hope they both die. Is there anyone out there (besides the actors' loved ones) who tunes in each week thinking, "I can't wait to see what happens with Quinn and Huck!" Anyway, they stop kissing (though they were both into it) and Quinn tells Huck to get out. He does.

Liv sits in her office, looking like she doesn't know what to do next. Abby storms in and says that Jake killed those people and now he wants to kill David, so they need to help him. Harrison interrupts and says that Adnan Salif is back in the country and into something bad. Huck interrupts and says that Quinn is deep into B613 and they might need to extract her. Liv says nothing but finally just shakes her head yes like she knows what to do.

Liv meets secretly with David. She asks him about the patsy and then says that David needs to arrest him. David says he won't, and Liv points out that he'll die and then justice still won't be done. She wants to go along with this patsy thing but then work together to attack the real enemy: B613. Liv tells him to lose this battle so that they can win the war.

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