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We Got Poped, Sir
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Olivia and Rowan are back on their Sunday dinner schedule, and while Olivia is giving off fierce bitchface waves in his general direction, Rowan remarks that they are already on their dessert course and Olivia hasn't even accused him of any crimes against humanity or anything yet! He considers this progress. Olivia, as always, considers this entire charade to be bullshit. Which of course it is, but Olivia goes into a mini-rant about how awful he is and how much she hates Sunday dinners and how she's going to go to her room and slam the door and never come out because he's ruined her life-uh. It's not as trivial as all that, but I just feel like we've seen this exact scene play out so many times at this point that it's starting to feel a little rote.

Aside about Rowan: How hot would it be if someone on this show would just pull him aside and ask him point blank what his problem is? Just a straight up "Why are you so weird and awful? Please lay out the step-by-step process that made you this way." And then he just did so in a very straightforward manner. It would revolutionize storytelling!

While Olivia and Rowan are at dinner, Huck and Jack are burgling Rowan's home. Jake is downloading some files onto a flash drive, because what is a show about secrets and spies without flash drives? Huck is monitoring Rowan's position via the restaurant's security cameras (he hacked into them, natch), and trouble's a-brewin' because Rowan's leaving the restaurant and heading home, and Jake has only copied 80% of the files. The race is on.

Somehow, Rowan makes it home in under 30 seconds. I think there may have been an editing mistake there. Huck has to re-arm the home security system so that Rowan doesn't get alarmed (haha, alarmed! Ahh, puns) that it was disabled in the first place. Rowan enters, disables the alarm again, and Jake's files download in the nick of time. Jake hides in the shadows of Rowan's office and just barely escapes detection on his way out. What a good spy! What an adorable, perfectly-dimpled, wonderful little spy. I wanna dress Jake Ballard up in a sailor suit!

The next day, Mellie and Cyrus meet with a one Leo Bergen (played by Shondaland alum Paul Adelstein), a campaign manager extraordinaire, in the Oval Office. He's squeeing superfandoms about how cool it is to be in the Oval Office like it's his first time there, though, so it sounds like he's never won a Presidential campaign before. This is worth noting because Mellie and Cyrus really want him to run Fitz's reelection campaign, which I still can't believe they think he can win, and simply can't wait to see what insanity the show comes up with to make that win happen.

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