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We Got Poped, Sir

Leo mistakes what Fitz and Mellie have for an actual marriage, and gently suggests that maybe he and Cyrus should speak alone about his hesitations regarding the gig. Mellie's like, "LOL, I'm my husband's employee, and sometimes I'm barely even that. Let's all talk shit about the boss together, shall we?" And he does. He doesn't want to take the job because he doesn't work for losers. Fitz's penis is a huge problem (I'll say) as is his "frigid wife" (UGH!), and they are going to lose. He's also a little butthurt that they only came to him because they've pissed off Olivia Pope, but that's secondary. I do appreciate the level of self-awareness the show has about how ridiculous a Fitz reelection is. They're going to do it anyway, of course, but a little self-awareness goes a long way.

Across town, Olivia is meeting with Josie Marcus (Lisa Kudrow), the Democrat with all the catchy soundbites against Fitz who's been plaguing Mellie and Cyrus on all the news networks. Olivia tells her she has a strong brand, but she lacks the gravitas she needs to win a Presidential race, and Olivia can get it for her. Josie's aid tries to usher Olivia out the door, as Leo Bergen is waiting outside for his shot at the gig, but Josie's already sold on Olivia – she's hired. Josie's no dummy.

Josie tells her aid – who is also her sister – to clear the room so she can have a private word with Olivia. And the secrets start pouring out of Josie. She had a baby at 15, whom she gave up for adoption. Olivia starts to say that that kind of a problem is something she can successfully spin in her sleep, but Josie wants it to stay a secret to protect the identity of her daughter. Oh, and it also needs to remain a secret from her much younger sister too, for some reason. You see where this is going. Also, she gave up this story without making Olivia sign anything which seems unwise.

Olivia calls the Gladiators and orders them to get to Josie's hometown of Red Springs, Montana ASAP. As they drive to their shitty motel (they're very upset about the accommodations in Red Springs because Ew! Stuff that isn't in cities!) Abby makes a very un-private call to David Rosen about how good he is in bed. Ok! That's one way to tell us they're still sleeping together. Huck is blissfully unaware of any of this, as he's on the phone with Jake Ballard as he works on un-encrypting Rowan's files, which isn't going well. Harrison, on the other hand, is horrified, and in typical Harrison style, that is just about all that he will do for the entire episode. Just one side-eye at Abby. Why can't they ever find a b-story for Harrison to have? He is the Jai Rodriguez of this show even though he has great screen presence and he's magic in suspenders. I don't get it.

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