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We Got Poped, Sir

Once they get to their Gladiator suite, they lay out dossiers on everyone who knew about Josie's baby. Her doctor, a nurse, her cousin, her high school best friend, the baby-daddy. It's a small group. Abby has a good laugh at the baby-daddy being named "Billy Joe Lee," as if that's anywhere near as risible as that phone call she just made in front of her co-workers. Abby and Harrison set off to interrogate the doctor, leaving Quinn and Huck to find the nurse. Huck is preoccupied by his Rowan project, however, and he quickly gets one of the files unencrypted – a surveillance video (with audio) of Fitz and Rowan's reunion last week. In the video, Fitz accuses him of Pete Foster's murder, and mentions how stupid it is to kill someone over a secret that no one is even looking for. But, Rowan has proof that someone is looking for it, which is very bad. What's worse is that "someone" is Jake and Huck, and it's only a matter of time before Rowan figures that out and tries to have them killed.

Huck calls Jake to tell him what he's found, which looks to be the President and Rowan talking about Remington. Their call is cut short, however, by a black SUV of Secret Service men pulling over to pluck Jake off the street.

And then the One-on-One Basketball Game of 2013 went down. The Secret Service have taken Jake to a private basketball court, where Fitz forces him to play a good-natured, but also kind of aggressive, and overall very weird game of hoops. There is a really funny moment where Jake fouls Fitz and he falls down and the Secret Service all come running like helicopter mothers that made me die. They have sworn to take a bullet or an elbow for the President, after all. Before Jake leaves he lets Fitz know that he thinks he's a liar. Fitz looks freaked out for a moment, but then I'm sure something started happening with his penis and that immediately took precedence for the rest of the day.

Back at Olivia's office, she's staring at her Fitz phone, waiting for it to ring, but before she can get too pathetic about it, Cyrus calls her on her normal phone. He wants to hire her to dig up dirt on Josie Marcus because he thinks the kid he has on the job in Red Springs won't do a Pope enough job. Olivia plays it cool and simply tells him it's a bad idea for her to work for the White House right now. Cyrus relents surprisingly quickly, and now Olivia knows just how scared they are of her candidate. She also knows the Gladiators have company in Red Springs, and she gives them a heads up.

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