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We Got Poped, Sir

Great news! A few of the people who knew about Josie's baby have died recently, so they only have a couple people left to interview. Harrison (doing something!) and Abby set off to take care of them, while Huck continues to freeze Quinn out so she won't become like him. Horse is already out of that stable, Huck, but nice try.

They run through Josie's best friend and cousin in montage quickness, then settle in for a talk with Billy Joe Lee. They offer them all ten thousand dollars in exchange for their silence, and while the other two take it, Billy Joe doesn't want it. That's weird. And say, it sure is weird that a construction worker like himself is wearing such a nice suit in the middle of the day. And that's when the news crews show up. Cyrus's man-servant Ethan has set up a live tell-all with the local news.

Abby struts out to Ethan and the news crew, throws her makeover in their face, and suggests that maybe they cover the White House meddling in a Democratic primary instead. Ethan laughs nervously while peeing his pants all over the great state of Montana, and Abby knows she has won. Abby's a weirdo, but she's such a fun weirdo. And just for insurance, Huck Huck-hacks into I guess Billy Joe's credit card statements in under a minute and discovers that he is regularly cheating on his wife at a local hotel called The Broken Spoke. You'd think it would be impossible for anyone to get aroused in a place with a name like The Broken Spoke, but Billy Joe finds a way on the reg. So anyway, Billy Joe bends to their will like a balloon animal. Ethan calls Cyrus and tells him "We got Poped, sir." Umm, duh. Did you think you were going to do something in politics without Olivia Pope fucking with you? It would be the first time!

Veep Langston's office. An aid breaks the news that Leo Bergen turned down the Fitz reelection job and Langston instantly starts foaming at the mouth about Cyrus being an ass when a man hiding behind a newspaper on her office loveseat purrs "Easy does it, Sal'." He lowers the paper and we see that it is Jack Coleman, AKA HRG from that ill-fated Heroes program. The man's name is Daniel Douglas, and he talks about playing golf with diplomats for a moment and then disappears for the rest of the episode. That was weird! But exciting – Jack Coleman was the best thing about Heroes and his stint on The Office didn't do him justice. I hope they have great plans for him here. Before we leave, Sally makes sure to confirm that Leo Bergen will be at the White House Correspondents dinner. She has plans for him.

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