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We Got Poped, Sir

Mellie catches up to Fitz in the halls of the West Wing and fills him in on the Leo Bergen situation. Obviously, Fitz doesn't care. Even if he weren't distracted by Jake possibly looking into Remington, Fitz ain't a planner. If it were up to him, he wouldn't pick a campaign manager until the day before the election and he'd just assume everything would work out. And it probably would, too. He tells Mellie to stop helping him because as we all know he only wants Mellie's help when he's screwed up his life so badly that he can't turn anywhere else, and besides, picking out a campaign manager isn't nearly as humiliating of a job for her as he'd prefer. Why America is in love with this guy, I will never know.

Fitz calls Rowan from the Oval Office and tells him he knows it's Jake looking into Remington, but he's ordering him to leave him alone anyway. He means it. Not joking around this time. For realsies! I think Tony Goldwyn is a good actor, but every time this character exhibits steely resolve about something he completely lacks any ability to follow through on it, so his end of this conversation here is all a little laughable. Rowan agrees with me, and tells him to fuck off.

Cyrus is freaking out about Olivia besting them to Mellie, and you can see on Mellie's face the gears that are turning. Cyrus decides to take care of the problem by having one of Josie's opponents ask her about her love child in the middle of the Democratic primary debate, which would be so juicy I actually think Fox News would burn to the ground if it actually happened. So that's solved for now, but they still have no idea who to hire as a Presidential campaign manager. They've asked both people! Hey, there's always Mandy Hampton.

Huck and Jake are jamming now that Fitz and Rowan know they're on their tail about Remington. But how to find out where Fitz was on that fateful day in 1991! Luckily, Huck has a program that can infiltrate all military records and cross-reference them with… the sea? I have no idea what Huck is talking about, but I never do, and it doesn't matter anyway. The point is Huck can crack the case, but the program is at Pope & Associates. Jake breaks in, boots up the program, and very quickly has a list of every mission the President has ever flown. He prints them out and tries to leave, but he runs into Olivia on his way out.

He feeds her a story about stopping by because he's worried about her, and then he busts her for coming back late to retrieve her secret Fitz phone. Olivia opens up a little and they have a moment over how hurt she is that Fitz doesn't need her to vet his Correspondents Dinner jokes for the first time ever. Jake says he'll buy her a consolation burger, but unless that burger's made of wine-soaked popcorn we all know she ain't eating it. She throws her Fitz phone in the trash and off they go.

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