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We Got Poped, Sir

Back in Red Springs, Quinn has found the nurse who helped deliver Josie's baby. Harrison and Abby go in to interview her and leave Quinn chained up outside like the rabid dog she apparently is now. The nurse tells them Ethan was already there, but she told him to get lost. Oh, also, Josie's mother would never have given that baby up for adoption. That baby stayed right in Red Springs.

Olivia confronts Josie with the intel that Josie's sister is really her daughter. Josie cops to it, but still holds firm that her sister can never know. Olivia shrewdly points out that it only took her team one day to figure this out. Come national election time someone else will too. She has to address it head on. Josie is still resisting, saying she never expected to have a life in the public eye; she was just a veteran whose husband died in "that stupid war" and when she voiced her outrage, people voted for her, much to her surprise. The show wrote that part much better than I did, and Lisa Kudrow did some very good work with it. I like this character a lot, even if this particular storyline isn't the freshest thing in the world.

Fitz and Cyrus in the Oval Office. Fitz wants to dissolve B613 and Cyrus loses his mind because obviously the room is bugged. Why doesn't Fitz ever consider consequences for anything! Cyrus warns him to never say that again. The last guy who tried to get rid of B613 was shot by a gunman on a grassy knoll, "just ask Kennedy." Yeah, I got the reference the first time, Cyrus. Cyrus tells him to just shut up and focus on his reelection, and he's right.

As the Gladiators pack up their suite, Abby takes a call from David Rosen where she apologizes that she won't be back in time for the Correspondents Dinner. She hangs up, and Harrison tells her she has issues. Understatement. Quinn, on the hand, is at what appears to be a pawn shop, trying to return all the equipment they used for the job, including a router that she modified to perform like a much more expensive router, which is shockingly easy to do. I did it myself in my own home! The store clerk explains that in the retail world, that just means "used" (it actually kind of means "refurbished," but let's not split hairs) so all she's going to get for it is store credit. Quinn looks around at what to buy with said credit and settles on a display case full of guns. Yikes.

The White House gang gathers to watch the Democratic primary debate. Cyrus's guy Reston winks at Olivia before they start, and she knows something's up. She grabs Josie and warns her that she's about to get hit and advises her to use it as an opportunity to push her contraceptives platform. She refuses yet again, and takes her place on stage. Why do people resist Olivia Pope? Resistance is futile.

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