More Cattle, Less Bull

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We Got Poped, Sir

Three seconds into the debate and Mellie is already screaming at the TV. God, I want to watch TV with Mellie.

Reston takes his first question and lobs a tangent about personal responsibility right at Josie's face. He asks her if there's anything she'd like to admit. She has a deer-in-headlights moment, but Olivia nods encouragingly at her from the sidelines, and the truth train leaves the station. Josie slays the story. She was young and stupid, as we all were at that age, and her mother knew she wasn't ready to be a mother, so they put the baby up for adoption so it could have a better life than the one Josie could give her. Her candor is palpable, and this is public sympathy catnip. Cyrus face-palms like he never has before: "She just won America's hearts."

The second Josie gets off-stage her sister has already done the math and confronts her about it. Josie doesn't try to dissuade her. Olivia tries to comfort her, saying she handled the debate beautifully, but Josie's not having it. "I just destroyed the most important relationship in my life. I'm glad you found that beautiful. You're fired." Ehh, she'll get her back.

Later, Olivia's guzzling wine alone in her office, contemplating life like any self-respecting functional alcoholic would. Fitz calls her on the Fitz phone and she fishes it right out of the trash like the trained poodle she is when it comes to him. He congratulates her for the smart move with Josie, and that Fitz/Olivia intimacy theme starts right up. Here we go. Fitz is calling from the bathroom, where he's hiding from Mellie, by the way. Charming, Fitz. He tells her he's vetting his own jokes for the Correspondents Dinner and Olivia's horrified. Me too! He's struggling with making self-deprecating jokes because he feels like he already is the joke. Also, he can't do anything for himself. She gives him a good one that will own his promiscuity problems and win back the room a little. Then, he tells her he loves her and she's absolutely shattered by it, but he just breezes right past it, ready for more free Olivia jokes. And, of course, Mellie is listening from the other room and is shattered by this too. But Fitz? He's laughing. He's honestly laughing. I hate him so much.

Abby's office, a call from David showing up on her iPhone lockscreen. She answers and lies that she's still in Montana, but it was all a test! David walks in, all, Montana looks a lot different than I remember! "More cattle, less bull," which is a great line He's pretty tired of her lying and so am I. Just love David Rosen already, Abby. He's so cute and good at Twitter.

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