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We Got Poped, Sir

Back at Jake's apartment, he and Huck have made some solid progress. The flight logs show Fitz in Iceland during Remington – a huge lead -- and they cross-reference it with the aircraft carriers that were in Iceland that day. Just then, Olivia calls Jake, asking for a date to the Correspondents Dinner, which he accepts. Huck thanks him for doing Olivia a solid.

Correspondents Dinner time! Olivia walks in on Jake's arm in a black and white gown, looking like the most expensive cookie in Washington. On their way to their table, Olivia locks eyes with Fitz while Mellie isn't looking and they have A Moment. As usual, the Moment seems fun and sexy for Fitz, and absolutely devastating for Olivia. Devastating for me is Mellie's hair in this scene. It's some matronly squished curls situation that has like a lunch lady vibe to it, as if this episode couldn't be more humbling for Mellie than it already is.

Meanwhile, Sally Langston sees Leo Bergen make his way to the men's room and beelines for him. She locks them both in there and asks him what would happen if she ran for President. Leo's like, umm, against a sitting President in your own party? Even against one this useless you will lose. But she wants to run as an Independent, which is insane but a hot kind of crazy. Sally Langston has really gone from a blowhard cartoon to a pretty fantastic character, hasn't she? Well done. Leo looks intrigued. Ooh, this is going to be fun!

The Secret Service pulls Olivia aside during dinner and brings her to a hotel room – where Mellie is waiting for her! OMG! Olivia's first instinct is to turn and run, which is reasonable, but Mellie sincerely begs her to stay… after a dig asking whether or not Jake is married, of course. Heh. Olivia makes it clear that she doesn't appreciate the dig but she agrees to stay and hear her out. Mellie puts it plainly: She wants Olivia to run Fitz's reelection campaign because he needs her. "He is tired, and broken, and it isn't the job. It's doing the job without you." I know, I know, Mellie's a psycho bitch, but it's moments like these that she just kills me. What a heartbreaking display, even if her interest in Fitz's reelection has a lot more to do with her keeping her power than it does with any interest in Fitz's actual success. She's still having to beg her husband's mistress to come back into their lives, and this scene is pretty indicative of the awful positions Olivia and Fitz have repeatedly put her in. Olivia's mind is blown by a contrite Mellie, but she's obviously in. This scene is intercut with Fitz killing with Olivia's jokes at the Dinner, by the way. The man can't even write a dick joke on his own. They're totally going to have to rig it again.

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