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We Got Poped, Sir

David Rosen arrives home after the Dinner to find Abby in his living room, all gussied up for the party. She wanted to surprise him so they could go together, but she just couldn't get out of her car. And then David reveals what the problem really is: Her abusive ex-husband was at the party, and she was terrified of running into him. I'm going to come clean right now: Completely forgot that she had an abusive ex-husband. David's really wonderful about it and they sit down together to see if they can't salvage the evening. Oh, how I love me some David Rosen.

On their way out, Jake confronts Olivia about using him tonight so she didn't have to see Fitz alone and tells her he doesn't play second fiddle to anyone, not even the President. For about the 19th time. Also, bye. Olivia knows when she's beat and lets him leave. Ehh, she'll get him back too. But before she can, she gets a call that Josie is waiting for her in her office. To the post-industrial loft!

Josie had a long talk with her daughter and has realized that not having to lie anymore is actually a very liberating thing. She hates Olivia for being right about how to handle it, but she thinks she can still win, and she wants Olivia by her side all the way. Olivia, newly chained to Fitz, declines, but Josie tells her to sleep on it and give her an answer tomorrow. Oh, if only something would happen tonight that would make Olivia not want to work for Fitz anymore!

As Olivia leaves the office we see Quinn is also working lateā€¦ unwrapping a big box of guns she just bought herself. Guys. We need to talk about Quinn. Where is this going? Is she going to kill people for fun on her own time? Join B613? Pose for a Girls with Guns pin-up calendar? What? I'm scared.

Jake arrives home to find Huck there, silently sitting in the dark like a Huck do. Jake's completely unfazed by this, which is great. Huck tells him he thinks he's figured out what the President was doing in Iceland, and why he would lie about being in Iran during Operation Remington. There was a plane crash in Iceland that day, a 747 carrying 329 people went down due to "mechanical failure," but a fisherman on the scene reported flares in the sky. His story couldn't be confirmed because all the satellite photos of the coordinates have been erased. Uh oh. Jake is skeptical, saying those two things don't necessarily make a conspiracy. Huck counters with a third thing: Olivia's mother was on the passenger list for that plane. Well, shit.

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