Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mellie Can't Hold Her Liquor

Olivia starts ugly crying and yelling at Huck to look at her and tell her if he killed her father. Huck waits as many beats as possible before saying no. We flash back to the last time we saw Huck, when he had a gun on Rowan as he left Peter Foster's trailer. Even with a gun to his forehead, Rowan is still cool as a cucumber as he tells Huck that he has a gift "all wrapped up and ready for him inside."

Huck tells Olivia that even after all this time, Command still owns him and controls him. Is he like hypnotized? I don't understand. Anyway, in the flashback, we see Huck enter the trailer where Peter Foster is handcuffed to a chair. Foster asks Huck to set him free. Huck is like, "Nah" and then fakes Peter's death to look like a suicide. Back in Olivia's office, Huck just keeps sobbing, "He owns me! He owns me!" as Olivia comforts him. Seriously, though. Does Rowan use voodoo? The power of suggestion? Mind control?

Liv arrives home to find Jake waiting with wine and takeout from Gettysburger. They mention that restaurant so much that I feel like it's going to be a plot point in the future. Although it is also just fun to say. Anyway, Jake seems a little too familiar to me, greeting Liv with a kiss on the cheek, pouring some wine for her. He's also a remarkably fast healer. I don't trust that dude. Anyway, Liv leans against her door and asks flatly, "Why are you here?" Way to make a guy feel welcome, Liv.

Jake says he can leave and Liv clarifies that she means, "How are you here?" Her phone starts chiming as Eli/Rowan is calling her. She doesn't answer, and asks Jake how he got out of the hole, because they don't just let people like him out. Then the Fitz phone starts ringing, and Jake begs her to answer at least one of the ringing phones. Don't they have a silence button? Anyway, Olivia asks Jake if he's spying on her and throws both phones to the ground. She yells at Jake that her father let Jake go, and she wants to know why, because nobody gets out. Well, from our sample size of two (Huck and Jake), it seems like everybody gets out if Olivia asks nicely.

Jake yells at her that he has no idea why he was let go and Olivia finally seems to believe him. She sits down on the couch slowly and says, "Nobody walks away from him. He controls everything. I need to know, 'How are you here?'" Jake sits down next to her and talks about how isolating it is in the hole, and how he just kept picturing Olivia's face, and that's what saved him. Olivia says that Jake is only alive because Rowan still finds him useful, and he will find a way to use Jake against her. Well, someone thinks she's super important, doesn't she? Liv tells Jake not to feel bad about it, because her father still owns her too. Liv's landline starts ringing, and of course it's Rowan. That dude loves to make phone calls. Maybe he should learn how to text? Just saying.

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