Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mellie Can't Hold Her Liquor

Quinn has done some checking up on their new client. Her son was killed in an FBI raid a few months ago, because he was a suspected domestic terrorist. And Quinn discovered that Mary cleaned out her bank account to the last penny to write their retainer check. Liv realizes that Mary might have a suicide wish, and heads to the Hill to find out what's going on.

Some nerd is giving a White House tour to a group of people. One older guy near the back peels off and starts walking alone down a hallway. When a Secret Service agent calls out to him, he runs away. The agent calls in a lockdown because the guy's headed for the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, Liv is at a Congressional office building, although I don't know how she knows which office to go to. I guess she knows who Mary's Congressman is? As she walks into the office, she sees staffers running out. And yet she walks in anyway? Also, I thought that most Congressional offices were not in the actual Capitol building, but in the various office buildings surrounding the Capitol? Eh, let's just go with it. I'm sure they did their research.

Meanwhile the Secret Service catches up to the runner and they tackle him just outside the Oval. The man yells that he needs to talk to the President about Operation Remington. You know, the one that Jake and Fitz were involved in, and the one that Cyrus just read about, thanks to Rowan? Yeah, that one.

Olivia walks into the Congressman's office, where Mary is tearfully telling him that he could have prevented this. Olivia says Mary's name, and Mary turns around to reveal that she's wearing a suicide bomber vest, and holding a detonator. So now Olivia, the Congressman, and a bunch of staffers are hostages. Or victims. We'll find out soon.

Fitz and Mellie were headed to the helicopter to Camp David when news of these two threats broke, so they were grabbed by Secret Service and taken to a bunker somewhere. The Secret Service agent tells Fitz that a guy tried to bust into the Oval Office and there's a woman with a bomb at the Capitol, and they need to make sure it's not some sort of coordinated attack. Fitz says he's going to the Situation Room, and wishes the agents good luck in stopping him. Really, Fitz? Like months after being shot and in a coma, you think you can take out three Secret Service agents and escape from a bunker? Calm down. The Secret Service agent says he's under orders to tackle Fitz if he tries to leave the bunker, and somehow that stops Fitz from trying. What did Fitz think was going to happen? Did we really need the false bravado of Fitz trying to dodge his Secret Service agents? Blah.

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