Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mellie Can't Hold Her Liquor

The Capitol building is evacuated, and the media gathers outside. Inside, Olivia is trying to get Mary to listen to her but Mary throws a tantrum about how she's taken all of the proper avenues to get people to listen to her; she's written letters and made phone calls and posted on websites and no one will listen to her. All she wants is to know why her son was killed. She accuses the Congressman of not caring enough, and says that he cares now. Yeah, a bomb will do that. The Congressman says he made an inquiry, and he learned the FBI shot Mary's son because he was guilty, but Mary doesn't believe that. Look, don't piss off the lady holding the detonator. Olivia promises that she will listen and asks Mary to tell her what happened.

Cut to the gladiators, putting together their data on the case. Mary's son Chris was gunned down in an FBI raid, and the investigation was sealed and the file was classified, so no one knows if he was guilty or not. Well, I mean, someone knows but it's not public knowledge. Quinn adds that Chris's father died when he was 16, and Chris turned to Islam.

Mary is still talking about how she knows Chris was innocent, and she read an article about how Olivia always trusts her gut. Mary's gut says that Chris was innocent, and she thinks Olivia's will say the same thing if she starts investigating. A phone starts ringing but Mary won't let anyone but Olivia answer it. It's the FBI, Agent Boles specifically. He's the dude in charge. Olivia calmly reports how many people are in the office, and says that Mary wants her son's file declassified. Agent Boles says he will look into it. At Mary's urging, Olivia reports that Mary will use the bomb if she doesn't get the file. Agent Boles tries to buy some time but Mary screams at Olivia to hang up, so she does. Man, you give a woman a detonator and she thinks she runs the world!

Secret Service reports to Cyrus that the runner in the White House was a lone wolf, not part of any coordinated attack. They are transferring the guy to FBI custody, but Cyrus looks at the report and sees that the man's name is Peter Foster, and tells the agent to let the guy go. The agent's like, "Seriously? After he tried to infiltrate the Oval Office?" Cyrus just orders for Peter Foster to be released. Interesting.

Huck tails Rowan down the street and then takes out a silenced gun. Really? Huck is going to shoot Rowan on a crowded public street? I mean, I know Huck is the expert, not me, but that seems like a terrible idea. Anyway, when Rowan pauses to take a call, Huck peels off and aborts the mission. Maybe he was going to kidnap Rowan, not shoot him, at least not yet? The phone call is from Cyrus, and he informs Rowan, "We have a Remington problem."

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