Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mellie Can't Hold Her Liquor

Liv calls her gladiators on her cell phone and starts barking out orders, because you have to give them something to do in this episode or else people will start to wonder why they are still on the show. Other than Liv and Huck, none of them have had much of a storyline this season so far. Anyway, Harrison is going to the FBI Mobile Command Center to nose around and report what he sees and hears to Liv. Abby is working her "contacts at Justice" (David Rosen) to find out why the file is classified. Quinn is going to try to hack into the FBI to just get the file and render the whole situation moot.

Boles calls Olivia again and reports that the FBI is close to declassifying Chris's file, but if Mary wants to read it, she will have to turn herself in. Mary says she'll blow everyone up first, and Liv relays that, in nicer words. Boles says it's the best they can offer. Liv thinks for a second, and then tells Mary that Boles wants her to release everyone. Boles protests that he didn't approve that, but Liv mutes him and tells Mary that she needs to make a show of good faith. I mean, seriously. Hasn't Mary ever watched a hostage movie before? Both sides have to give something to get something. That's why it's called a negotiation and not a dictatorship.

So Mary releases six hostages. Meanwhile, Fitz and Mellie are still in the bunker, bored, until Fitz gets the all clear and bolts out of the room. An advisor gives him an update on the hostage situation, and then hands him a file and says that there's something Fitz needs to know about Mary's son Chris. Of course, we won't find out what it is yet. Haven't you watched television before?

Mary paces, worried that she did the wrong thing in releasing the hostages, but Liv assures her it was the right thing to do. Now it's just Mary, Liv, and the Congressman left. The Congressman assures her that it often takes him days or weeks to get a file he requests, so she's making amazing progress in just hours. Mary goes into a reverie about how she had to buy an industrial-strength glue gun to make her bomb vest, and she got the explosives from a recipe on the Internet. So that's probably a stable compound. I mean, Mary is no Walter White. If she got one ratio wrong, I imagine that bomb is going to blow the place sky high. Yikes.

Fitz walks into the Situation Room where they have an open phone line to Commander Boles. Some military guy reports that they have "half a dozen" snipers in place. Why not just say six? I thought the military was all about precision? Anyway, Fitz asks what the chances are that the bomb will go off if they shoot Mary, and Boles says that if her hand is off the detonator when she's shot, it should be okay. Fitz thinks for a minute and then tells the snipers to take the shot if they have it. I'm assuming Fitz doesn't know that Olivia is in the room, right? If we haven't seen him be specifically told, then he doesn't know?

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