Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mellie Can't Hold Her Liquor

Harrison reports to Liv that things are happening at the Command Center, and he sees sniper rifles. Cut to a bunch of snipers running up stairs to get to their posts. Mary hears movement and goes to the window and peeks out the blinds to see what's going on, which gives one sniper a good shot at her. Fitz wants a confirmed visual ID before any shots are taken. Harrison overhears that command, and tells Liv that Fitz is the one running this show. Harrison is totally past the barricades and in the command center, by the way. I mean, finally a cop sees him and pushes him back, but I can't believe they let him get in there anyway.

Liv gets on the phone with Boles and tells him not to do anything, because Mary is nervous. Boles tells Liv to calm down, and Mary puts her finger on the detonator and says sadly, "Goodbye, Olivia." Liv sees the red sniper dots on Mary's head and yells at her to get away from the window. Liv pushes her aside and throws the blinds open, standing defiantly in the window, tossing her hair all, "You know my boyfriend isn't going to order anyone to shoot me!" And Fitz does involuntarily run toward the video screen in the Situation Room when he sees Olivia standing in the window, red sighting targets all over her face.

Fitz orders someone to get him a phone line into the Congressman's office. Cyrus pulls him aside and says that Fitz can't talk to Olivia unless they want to be back in the headlines together. Fitz sees Cy's point, but adds that he doesn't want anyone to lift even a finger without his approval. Cyrus agrees.

Liv closes the blinds as Mary freaks out and screams, "What WAS THAT?" Seriously, she's never watched television before? Maybe while she was sewing her little vest, she should have Netflixed that Kevin Spacey movie where he's a hostage negotiator. The Congressman is pissed that Liv didn't let them shoot Mary in the head; luckily, Mary is too freaked out to understand what he's talking about. Liv adds that if the sniper had hit Mary in the chest instead of the head, she would set off the bomb anyway.

The phone rings again and Boles is pissed. He yells at Olivia for taking charge of the situation, and demands that they release the Congressman. Liv says that they won't and demands to speak to the President. Boles reminds her that the President doesn't negotiate with terrorists, and that's what Liv and Mary are right now. Liv hangs up and thinks for a second, and then grabs her phone and tells Mary that she needs to make one more call. Mary clearly trusts Liv, and nods her head.

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