Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mellie Can't Hold Her Liquor

In the Situation Room, they are brainstorming ways to end this thing with minimal loss of life when Secret Service Tom comes in and tells Fitz that he has a call on his special Olivia phone. Fitz leaves the Sit Room to take it, thinking it's Olivia. But it's not! It's Jake! Wouldn't Tom have mentioned that since he obviously answered the phone? Anyway, Jake relays the message that Olivia wants the classified file. Fitz takes great relish in telling Jake that the United States doesn't negotiate with terrorists, and Jake won't be able to save the day this time.

Meanwhile, Huck is still tailing Rowan, who has just arrived at Peter Foster's trailer. You remember old Pete? The guy who tried to bust into the Oval? Anyway, Rowan is there to deliver a payoff to Peter, in return for his continued silence. Pete isn't interested in the money, but Rowan reminds him that they had a deal, and that deal didn't include his "antics at the White House." Pete says he's tired of seeing news of the President screwing ladies, and Pete thinks he deserves a sitdown with Fitz. Rowan promises to make that happen, if that's what Pete needs to stay quiet about Remington. My first thought, and perhaps a sign that I've watched this show too long, was, "Why wouldn't Rowan just kill Pete? Problem solved." Anyway, Rowan steps out of the trailer to find Huck and his gun and Rowan says calmly that he saw Huck tailing him this morning.

Jake calls Liv to say he didn't get anywhere, and Liv tells Mary that her team is still out there working on it. Quinn is understandably having trouble hacking into the FBI, and it doesn't help that Abby is standing over her shoulder, offering suggestions that make no sense. Quinn leaves yet another voicemail for Huck, begging him to call her because they need his help. Then she goes into Huck's office and starts nosing around in his computer, looking for clues as to where he might be. I REFUSE to believe that Huck doesn't have his computer locked down from prying eyes. That is one bridge I won't cross. Sloppy, show.

Abby tries helping the way that she can; she visits David Rosen and asks him to get the file. He refuses, and Abby says that it might save Liv's life. Rosen, the one person on this show who sees clearly, says that Liv loves drama and she's an "adrenaline junkie." Abby thinks that Rosen does care about Liv, but Rosen says that he'd just be enabling her risky behavior, and he won't do it. Good for you, David Rosen. At least there is one moral person on this show. Sort of. I mean, he's not perfect but he's head and shoulders above everyone else.

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