Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mellie Can't Hold Her Liquor

Harrison has resorted to leaning over the barrier and heckling Commander Boles, including telling him that this is "not cool" and his rep in "the hostage-taking community" is going to suffer. Come on, Harrison. That's the best you can do? And why hasn't a cop made him leave yet? A woman in a suit comes up to Harrison (how did she know who he was?) and flashes her badge. She advises Harrison that they're on the wrong side of this one, and if Mary found out the truth about her son, it would hurt even worse. She pulls Harrison aside and shows him a video of Chris urging his followers to join the cause against the United States. She concludes that Chris was a terrorist and now so is his mother. Is Harrison seriously buying this? It's awfully convenient that she showed up now and had this video. Why wouldn't they show that to Mary? Sure, she'd be upset, but at least she would know. They can just show it to Harrison, who presumably has zero security clearance? This whole thing is fishy.

I guess Harrison did buy it, because he calls Liv and reports that Chris was a recruiter. Come on, Harrison. You're smarter than that. Weak sauce.

Mary wants Olivia to tell the FBI that they have an hour to produce the file, or she's hitting the button. Olivia agrees to do so, but adds that Mary needs to prepare herself for what might be in this file. Mary sputters, "Prepare myself? To learn that Chris was murdered in cold blood? I already know that." Liv just purses her lips, because you don't want to deliver bad news to the lady with the bomb.

Harrison sees the FBI agent who showed him the video getting into a car with government plates. Something looks hinky (FINALLY!) so he calls Abby and asks her to go back into Justice and ask David to look up the agent. She does, and he does, reluctantly, and guess what? She's not an FBI agent at all, and never was.

Abby delivers the news to Liv via phone and adds that the car had State Department plates, not FBI. Liv asks David for a favor, but he says he can't aide and abet a terrorist. Liv runs down what they know: a man is killed in an FBI raid, and the investigation is sealed. An FBI impersonator shows up with the supposedly sealed files, and then disappears into thin air. Liv asks David if that feels like justice to him, since it's happening under his watch. David says he'll think about it. Did she ever tell him what the favor was?

David goes to see Cyrus and asks to see the file. Cyrus pretends he doesn't know what David's talking about. Cyrus chuckles that David doesn't understand their deal: David gave Cyrus the memory card, and Cyrus got David a job. So now they have an understanding. Cyrus gives Rosen that Washington equivalent of "That's so cute" by saying, "That's above your pay grade," gets in another shot about how Cyrus got David a job when he had nowhere else to go, and tells David to skedaddle and let the grown-ups do some work. David just sits there and then reveals his trump card: he knows that the man in charge of the raid was fired afterwards with no explanation, and everyone else involved got a promotion and a nice raise, almost like a payoff for keeping quiet. David adds that the head of the Democratic National Committee would be thrilled to have this information as they head into the next election.

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