Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mellie Can't Hold Her Liquor

And then David Rosen, hero, stands up and tells Cyrus, "I may not have the Cytron card anymore, but I do have my conscience. And there's a hell of a lot of noise I can make if I feel like you're not worthy of the moral sacrifice I made." See? He mostly makes the right choice, and when he doesn't, he knows and admits that what he's doing is immoral. It's nice that there's one person with a conscience on this show. David concludes, "Show me the file."

Time passes, and everyone waits. Mary is passing the time by telling Liv and the Congressman how her son's body is still in the city morgue because no funeral home will bury a terrorist. Before they can travel too far down that delightful avenue of thought, the phone rings. Olivia picks it up, and Fitz is on the other end with Cyrus and David Rosen and the head of Counterintelligence. Fitz tells Olivia that she needs to make sure she doesn't respond to what he's about to tell her, and she agrees.

And then Fitz drops the bomb. Chris Lawrence was a CIA agent who infiltrated Al Queda at the highest levels and brought in other CIA agents as his recruits. But Liv can't tell Mary or anyone else about this, because the fifty-seven other CIA recruits will be tortured and killed if word gets out that they're CIA. So why was he killed? Because the FBI screwed up. They bought his cover story and thought he was a real terrorist, and they killed him. Fitz keeps repeating that part about the fifty-seven other people whose lives are in danger if this information leaks, and asks Olivia if she understands. She says no, and thanks him for telling her the truth. Fitz starts yelling at her and Liv turns around so Mary can't see her face and begs not to have to do this. Has anyone considered that if Mary gets bad news, she might just set off the bomb anyway? And kill everyone in the room?

Liv hangs up the phone and then Mary asks her hopefully what the President said. Olivia waits for a looooooooooooooooong pause and then says gravely, "I'm so sorry, Mary. Your son was a terrorist." Mary can't believe it, and breaks down while yelling, "No! No!" Liv adds that Chris was even higher up in Al Queda than the FBI wanted to admit, and that's why the file was classified. Quick thinking on her part; I forgot that Mary might ask why it was classified. Mary falls to the ground and Liv embraces her, trying to offer her some comfort.

As Liv promises that she will retain Mary as a client, the Congressman is like, "Let's get the hell out of here" and heads for the door. He yells to the armed military outside that they're coming out peacefully. The Congressman comes out first, and then as Liv gets to the doorway, Mary smiles, shoves Liv into the hallway, and slams the door. Olivia goes nuts, screaming Mary's name and trying to get back in there, but the military drag her away down the hall just moments before Mary detonates her bomb.

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