Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

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Mellie Can't Hold Her Liquor

In the aftermath of the giant explosion, a shell-shocked Liv is loaded into an ambulance. Quinn finds her there and asks if she needs anything before unloading the news that Huck is obsessed with Olivia's father, based on his recent computer searches. That snaps Liv out of her daydream/possible concussion.

And now for my favorite scene from this episode. Fitz finds Mellie drinking in the dark in the residence and joins her. She drunkenly pours him a drink of some clear liquor; he goes to sip and nearly passes out from the fumes as she giggles, "It's hooch. My daddy sent us a case when you won the election, remember?" I wish Mellie's parents would make an appearance on this show. Anyway, then she propositions her husband and he sits down, bemused, and tells her that she's drunk. Mellie laughs that he's right, but she's celebrating. Drunk Mellie is my favorite Mellie, second only to Plotting Mellie.

Fitz wonders why Mellie is celebrating, since he figured Mellie would be happier if Olivia had been "blown into bits." Mellie says that if Olivia had been killed while protecting a Congressman with the nation watching, Fitz would worship her as a martyr and a saint, and Mellie would lose their war. But since she's still alive, she's Fitz's flaw, and Mellie's weapon, "the strings [she] will pull to make [her] puppet husband dance." She offers up a toast because she lives to fight another day and then drunkenly giggles and stumbles out of the room. I don't even have the words to describe how great that scene was. It was campy but also vulnerable but also revealed interesting information but also just fun to watch. If you didn't see it, try to watch at least that scene.

Liv, her beautiful powder blue suit all dirty and disheveled from the explosion (but her hair still looks great) limps into her office, where she finds Huck sitting in the dark, waiting for her. You never want to find Huck sitting in the dark waiting for you. Or just waiting for you. She asks if he's okay, and Huck says he's not there to kill her because he's "all killed out today." So he might kill her on another day when his meter resets?

Olivia demands to know if Huck killed her father, and rather than answer, Huck goes on a rant about how he always wanted to know who Command was, so he could torture information about Huck's family out of him and then kill him. Look, I don't want to ruin Huck for you but once I realized that his emotional voice is the same was Rupert from Survivor, I stopped being able to take him seriously. So his scenes don't have the emotional impact they normally might. I have to be honest with you; I'm kind of hoping Huck dies this season. I think that's why they're having Quinn take over the computer stuff. Huck has served his purpose once this Rowan/B613 plot plays out.

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