No Sun on the Horizon

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Paint Jake Black
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We open with Jake, in his office, delivering a speech or maybe talking to himself – we don't see who he's talking to, if anyone. He talks about how people in B613 aren't allowed to have family connections; Jake is from Indiana where his mother was a shopping channel addict, his father was a drug addict pedophile, and his sister is dead. Well, that's a cheery origin story. He goes on to say that B613 finds clay that is ready to be molded and people who have "no sun on the horizon" and no one to miss them and trains them into stone cold killers who can't imagine any other life. I don't like this Jake. I'm guessing the show is trying to show us how Rowan changed from a normal person into a monster, and how being Command changes a person, but I don't like it. And who was he talking to? Quinn? Someone else?

Flashback to Leo welcoming a reverend to Sally's house, where they are working on debate prep (Grant vs. Langston vs. Reston). The preacher isn't sure why he's there, but Leo says he needs to help Sally and reminds him that anything he's told is confidential. The preacher is still confused as to why Sally needs HIS help to prepare, and Leo doesn't really answer. He asks if the reverend is actually Sally's spiritual advisor, or if she just attends church once in a while for the photo op. Leo makes sure to get a dig in at the reverend for refusing to fly coach when Sally was paying for his plane ticket. The reverend assures Leo that he's a man of God who can influence Sally, and Leo opens a door and welcomes him to debate prep.

Inside, Sally is fake debating two underlings standing in for her opponents. Well, debating is probably the wrong word. She's excoriating Fake Fitz for being a "cloven beast" that fornicates with anything that slithers by, and has the sign of the devil burned into his flesh. She concludes her tirade by yelling, "Yum, yum, crispy piggy! Yum, yum!" So Leo doesn't think that will go over well with the American public? I wouldn't vote for her, but I would absolutely watch that debate. Anyway, Leo pats the reverend on the back and asks him to fix her.

Meanwhile, Fitz is also undergoing debate prep, with Mellie standing in for Sally (and doing a really good version of Sally's accent) and Nichols standing in for Reston. Fitz interrupts an attack on his character by "Sally" to defend himself and does a really nice pivot into his talking points. It's well done; in an actual debate, his opponent would have interrupted him by now, not allowed him to filibuster for five minutes. Fitz goes on to say that he's not proud of his personal failings – keep that in mind, because it comes up later. Regardless, Cyrus is thrilled, and he calls Liv and leaves a voice mail saying that Fitz is killing it and wonders why she's not there.

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