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Love Quadrangle
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We open with Mellie walk-running through the halls of the White House, trying to look like everything's cool. My favorite part is when she passes some underling and gives her the most fake smile of all time. I hope someone got a gif of that. Anyway, she finally reaches her destination, Cyrus's office, and she whisper-screams, "She's running."

This leads into a montage of Sally meeting with Leo, Cyrus barking orders at people, and an awesome shot of Mellie and Sally passing one another in the hall and giving serious side-eye. Throughout, we hear and see media reports about how they anticipate Sally's resignation and announcement of her campaign, and that Fitz's approval ratings are plummeting. Yeah, not just with the voters. Also with this recapper.

James, in his new position as Press Secretary, is badgering Cyrus to find out what their message should be. Cyrus wants to wait for polling numbers. Mellie strolls in and suggests that they paint Sally as crazy and delusional, and James adds that she's unstable too, since the death of her husband. Mellie quips, "Sexist. But effective. Leak that on deep background." Cyrus tells them to slow their roll until the polling numbers come in. Cyrus starts yelling at underlings to get him the polling numbers, and whipping boy Ethan steps up and stammers that the President wanted to review the numbers with "his new campaign manager."

Cut to Fitz and Liv having a full-on makeout sesh in the Oval. Ugh, these two. Get a room. That's not taxpayer funded. Mellie knocks and enters, stops short at what she sees, then steels herself and says that the rest of the team would like to see the campaign numbers. She exits. Fitz and Liv look not as guilty as they probably should.

Sally is about to go live with her announcement and Leo gives her some last-minute advice. He reminds her that, although Fitz's team will portray her as crazy, she's actually "standing up for the people against the tyranny of a decadent monarch." Monarch? Does he know what that word means? I mean, Fitz is hardly King George III. Leo reminds Sally that Jesus loves her and Sally agrees like an obedient child. I'm not real sure about Sally's mental state, you guys.

Meanwhile, Liv is prepping Fitz's rapid response team, explaining that the numbers do give them a fighting chance. Liv lays out the talking points: Sally is a selfish quitter, a loose cannon, and she's endangering their troops overseas. Everyone applauds Liv's speech, but they quickly hush up to listen to Sally's speech. As expected, Sally says that she can't stand by any longer and watch Fitz degrade her beloved country, so she'll be running as a third-party candidate. But she also can't abandon her post, so she's staying on as VP. Whoops. No one anticipated that second part. Cyrus and Mellie look like they might puke. Liv is calm, but upset. Fitz is useless, as usual.

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