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Jake packs his things and prepares to leave, which is what Olivia wants, although she worries he won't be safe. Jake thinks he'll be fine, but he's worried about her safety if he's not there. Olivia says, "You and I both know I'm being defended," which is a bizarre way to talk about personal safety. Defended? Is she a soccer goal? Jake asks if Fitz knows that Liv's father is Command, and when she says no, he wonders how Fitz can defend her when he doesn't even know who her enemy is. Liv is pretty sure that her father wouldn't hurt her physically. Really? What ever would make her think that?

Jake sits in front of Olivia and goes into detail about what Rowan did to him: put him in a hole, dragged him out every other day and had him beaten within an inch of his life and then mended, and then put back in the hole, just for fun. Jake thinks that Rowan would "slit [Olivia's] throat and drink the blood" if it meant protecting the Republic. There's an image I didn't really want in my head. Olivia tells Jake that he has to leave, because Rowan flipped a switch in Huck's head and made him kill again, just to show Olivia that he could. Well, he also had someone he wanted dead, so it was pretty convenient. I also don't get this thing where Rowan is capable of mind control. I hope they explain that. Actually, I hope they don't. I can't imagine an explanation that would satisfy me so I hope they leave it vague.

Jake urges Liv to help him stop her father from hurting more people, but Liv explodes that she needs to go back to doing what worked. Keep her eyes straight ahead, stop asking questions, be a good girl and go back to Sunday dinners, and pretend that she's never heard of B613 or Jake. Jake realizes he's not going to win this argument because Liv has gone crazy, so he grabs his bag. He goes to kiss her goodbye and she backs away. So Jake just walks out the door.

And Liv's phone rings right away. I love how Liv's Cell Phone of Dramatic Timing only rings when it's either perfect timing or terrible timing, but never just randomly like a normal person's cell phone. Anyway, it's Harrison! He's still on this show! He tells Liv that they got the job, whatever that job is, and Harrison is happy since I guess OPA is on the verge of bankruptcy or something? Harrison does a little dance move that reminds me once again how much I wish he had a storyline.

David and Abby are finishing up a date. I think Abby is wearing white tights, which is grounds for dismissal as far as I'm concerned. David asks if he can come up to her place and she hems and haws and finally he takes the reins and says he's going to leave. He says he needs to prep for his case; he's prosecuting the Senator who got caught sexting a young woman and then allegedly murdered her. David suggests that OPA would take on the family of the young woman as clients, since they're getting so much media attention. Abby gets a phone call from Harrison, who does another dance move and says they got a new client. Abby hangs up and tells David good night. He again urges her to take on the girl's family, but Abby says that they already have a gig. I feel like OPA is about to get all up in David Rosen's case, no?

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