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At the White House that evening, Cyrus enters the Oval and reports that they have some dirt on Josephine Marcus: abandoned baby. Cyrus refers to her as "a slutty teen." And people wonder why I have a hard time rooting for anyone on this show. They are all terrible. Fitz dismisses him and Cyrus starts to head out but then lets Fitz know that he heard about Pete Foster's funeral. Cyrus says that he doesn't want Fitz's conscience to get in the way of his re-election. So what did Fitz do? That could cost him the election? Is it just that he took credit for the rescue mission? Or that he never corrected everyone who thought he did it? I guess we'll find out eventually. Cyrus points out that if people start digging on this issue, they'll find out something apparently bad, so can they leave the past in the past? Fitz looks pained, but agrees. Cyrus leaves, and Fitz looks like he wants to puke and poop at the same time.

Huck walks into OPA late at night and Quinn, of course, pops out of the shadows and asks where he was. Jeez, calm down, MOM. Huck tells her to stop asking questions, but of course she doesn't, so Huck flies into a fury and accuses Quinn of only wanting to know how it feels to do what he does. She doesn't worry about him. She wants to be him. Huck then runs into a pretty questionable metaphor comparing his desire to kill with being horny, and advises Quinn to stop being interested in that desire while she still can. Quinn looks like Huck was spot on.

David Rosen watches the evening news reporting on how he lost the case. He gets a sext from Abby and immediately calls her, reminding her that he doesn't want to play games. Abby says that she doesn't either, and she's outside his door and would like to come in. David either doesn't ask or doesn't want to know if this means they are back on. Instead he opens the door and pulls her inside as she giggles. He's too good for her.

Liv drains a giant glass of wine in her apartment as Jake joins her on the couch and refills her glass. He asks if she's okay, and she says she doesn't know what she is. He responds with a grin: "Well, you're the daughter of the man the runs the top secret organization that made your friend kill a man for some reason having to do with your ex-boyfriend, the President." Well, when you put it like that, it just sounds ridiculous. Jake had hoped they could see the dark humor in the situation, but Liv just leans forward with her head in her hands, overwhelmed. Jake tells her not to cry, but Liv says tightly that she's trying not to scream, because she's scared. Jake tells her to put her head on his chest. Liv bursts out laughing, but then does it, and lets Jake put his arms around her. He reminds her that she's not alone in this and he's not going anywhere. Unless Rowan throws him in the hole again. Or kills him. They start kissing, and just when it starts getting good, the phone rings.

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