Say Hello to My Little Friend

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Weiner Dog

Jake tells her not to answer that, but it's her secret Fitz phone. So of course, she does answer it, and Fitz is talking from the back of a car somewhere. Liv speaks to him really formally but Fitz just wanted to chat. He can sense that something's up when she's so distant, and then Jake says really loudly, "MORE WINE?" Heh. Good for him. Fitz realizes she has company and gets pissy and hangs up, like a dick. God, I can't stand him. Does he really think that Liv should just put her life on hold in case someday he decides to really leave Mellie for good and move to Vermont or what the fuck ever?

Anyway, Fitz arrives at his destination, marches down a hall, where various flunkies are like, "Holy shit, is that the President?" Fitz, flanked by his Secret Service, enters Rowan's office. At first, Rowan is like, "What the hell is this?" Then he sees Fitz and goes quiet. Fitz announces, "This is a reunion. One that is long overdue." Whoa. So does Fitz know who Rowan is? Both what he does, and that he's Olivia's dad? I am intrigued. This show, man.

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