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Weiner Dog

Huck is back at AA, confessing that he "drank" again. He goes on and on about how he had abstained before but this time he didn't have a choice because someone put the "whiskey" right in his hand and he drank and drank and it was good. Did you ever notice that Huck sounds a lot like Rupert from Survivor? And also Cookie Monster? I'm sorry that I pointed out. It's kind of ruined Huck for me. Anyway, while Huck is telling his fascinating story, we see that Quinn is totally eavesdropping, which seems wrong in many ways, and then her phone goes off so Huck totally busts her. It's Harrison, telling her that they have a client, and she says she'll be right in.

In a reminder that this show airs at 10 PM, the next scene features James astraddle Cyrus's chest saying, "Open your mouth, Cy. You know you want it." Turns out that he's just trying to get a quote from Cy about the Senator's trial. I can't believe we're still pretending like no journalistic outpost would have a problem with their reporter being married to the Chief of Staff. But I guess that's what the show wants me to believe, so I'll go with it. James points out that the Senator sent a picture of his "wang" to a lady who wasn't his wife and then killed her (allegedly), and the Republican party already has a "wang problem" (my next album) thanks to Fitz, so it is definitely Cyrus's business. Cy pretends to sleep and then growls, "No comment." He's getting a big kick out of torturing James. It's kind of nice to see those two getting along, although I still am not sure what James sees in Cyrus, who has been horrible both to him and in general.

At OPA, they are assembling their background information on their new client, Senator Richard Meyers. You know, the one who's been sexting ladies under the name "Redwood Johnson" and then killing one of them (allegedly)? Cut to Liv making Harrison and Abby tell her that they need the money, even though this client is morally (and sexually) repugnant. Harrison reports that Desiree Oakes was trying to blackmail the Senator and then she ended up dead, bludgeoned to death in her apartment, and the Senator's prints were all over the place. The Senator (flanked by his wife and his lawyer) admits to Olivia that he went to her apartment to try to "resolve this mess," but he didn't touch her. He also says that he didn't have any other ongoing relationships of this nature, and that he was home the night of the murder. His wife can provide his alibi. She's a lawyer herself, as well as a mom and all-around upstanding citizen, so if she's sticking by her husband, people will think he can't be all bad. Liv will work the media perception while the lawyer handles the case.

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