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As the Senator and his lawyer leave, Liv grabs the wife, Shelley, and asks about their daughter. Shelley assures Liv that her daughter is staying with an aunt in Bethesda to avoid the media crush, and working on a history report on Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Shelley adds that she knows that what her husband did was creepy, but they've been through marriage counseling and talked endlessly, and he's a different person now. So you know it's going to turn out that he's not a different person. Plus Shelly is played by Jan from The Office, so I expect her to be a secret freak of some sort. Anyway, Shelley assures Liv that her husband made one mistake, and Liv agrees that we all deserve a second chance. I guess that's supposed to make Liv feel better about taking his dirty sex money?

The next morning, Liv accompanies the Meyers and their lawyer as they walk into court while being assaulted by the media yelling out questions. The Meyers remain silent and Liv turns and gives a statement that while she's sad about what happened to Desiree Oakes, her client is innocent, and he only texted one girl, so it's just one mistake. David gives Abby the baleful eyes, since he can't believe they took on the morally corrupt client when they could have had the family of the dead girl (who probably couldn't afford OPA's retainer).

Cut to the trial, where David Rosen puts at least three other young women on the stand to testify about the dirty text messages that Senator Perv sent them. Oops. Guess he left that part out. Here's what I don't get about the Anthony Weiners of the world – how do they believe, in this day and age, that they won't get caught? I'm more upset about how stupid they are than how horny they are. Abby comments that it doesn't mean the Senator committed murder, Liv says the jury might feel differently.

Mellie and Fitz sit together over breakfast. Fitz reads the paper while Mellie watches the news, and learns that a Democratic Congresswoman named Josephine Marcus (played by Lisa Kudrow) took a shot at Fitz during a Democratic Presidential debate last night, advising him to "tame his cobra." Cyrus enters and he and Mellie bicker over the best way for Fitz to regain stature in the public eye, but Fitz is too busy reading a newspaper story about Peter Foster's death to pay them much mind. I did enjoy how Mellie suggested that they start a war or liberate some people or something.

Senator Perv and his team regroup at OPA to discuss their next move. Liv is furious and says that the Senator can't take the stand now, because David Rosen will rip him to shreds. Shelley wants to know if the texting is still going on, and the Senator says that it's not, and it all happened before he was arrested. So it's totally still going on. Liv reluctantly puts into play what has to be their next move: to defame the character of the victim. Quinn looks grossed out and asks if they're really going to…Abby interrupts, shrugging, "Slut-shame the dead girl? All aboard." Ugh. This client is gross and I wish Liv had let him go the first time he lied to her.

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