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At the trial, David Rosen is examining what I'm assuming is one of his own witnesses, a man named Mr. Granville, who was a mentor of sorts to the dead girl. She told him that she was afraid for her life, and that Senator Meyers had threatened her. Objection, your honor! Hearsay! Meanwhile, Abby sidles up and hands a folder to Meyers's lawyer. The lawyer stands up to cross-examine and basically reveals that the "mentor" was buying the victim jewelry and furs, so he's actually more like a sugar daddy. Rosen yells out, "Objection" almost as quickly as I do, and I know this is not a legal drama, but there is so much wrong with how that was handled. Then again, it's all about public perception, and the point was made.

Cut to a media montage of reporters informing the public that Desiree Oakes had a number of male suitors who paid for her lifestyle. Liv appears on a news show to float the theory that any one of these suitors could have been jealous enough to kill her. And it seems to be working.

Meanwhile, Mellie is finishing up a speech about a recently-opened medical center. As she poses for photos with some kids and a Congresswoman, a reporter asks her about Josephine Marcus and Mellie says smoothly that she thinks it's great to see new female talent in politics. She removes her mic and rushes the Congresswoman into the next room while muttering, "Give any piece of trailer trash a pushup bra and a microphone and these stupid flyovers will eat it up like fried Twinkies." Except the Congresswoman's mic is still on. Oops!

That night, the gladiators watch the news together, where Desiree Oakes's parents are giving a statement about how awesome their daughter was and how they can't believe her reputation is being besmirched. Liv walks in and tells them to shut it off, and then says that tomorrow is all about Shelley's testimony, and the whole case hinges on her alibi, so they need to make sure there are no surprises on the stand. Liv, Abby, and Harrison leaves, so Quinn takes the opportunity to apologize to Huck for spying on him, but says that she was worried about him. Huck says that he's being normal, and then offers a bulleted list of what "normal" means, which is not normal. Quinn keeps digging but Huck won't give up any information, and I'm getting the vibe that Quinn just wants to hear the gory details about Huck's recent murder more than she cares about his well-being.

Huck walks into the parking garage but suddenly pulls his gun and turns around to find Jake, also with his gun out. That sounds dirtier than I meant. You know, they're pointing their guns at one another. Their weapons. Ugh. Anyway, Jake wants to know who Command had Huck kill. Huck won't spill, so Jake says that Command owns both of them, and Liv, and Huck must want to take him out as badly as Jake does. Huck says that no one takes down Command, and Jake counters that no one has ever tried. Huck tells Jake to stay away from him, and Liv too, then walks away.

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