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Cyrus yells at Mellie for her big mouth, which has now helped Josephine Marcus go from nobody to somebody. Mellie doesn't see the problem, because she thinks Fitz can beat Josephine Marcus in a general election. Cyrus tears his hair out and calls Ethan the Plebe in to inform Mellie that Fitz would lose against a woman. Pretty much any woman, I guess. Would he lose against Olivia, I wonder? What about Mellie? They've probably run those numbers, right? Mellie says she'll craft an apology and Cyrus says she needs to run it by him first.

At OPA, Liv is prepping Shelley for her testimony and all seems good when Abby walks in and says there's a reporter on the phone looking for a comment on a story that's about to break. Liv is like, "What story?" They turn on the TV, where there is another young lady saying that the Senator was texting her last night, and he sent her a picture of his junk, which has a mole on it. Liv flips off the TV and the Senator immediately goes into denial mode. Harrison asks to see his phone, which the Senator left in the car, and then says he's going to check for the mole. Before Harrison has to undergo that indignity, Shelley confirms the presence of the mole. So then the Senator starts groveling to Shelley, but she snaps at him not to touch her as she leaves to go testify on his behalf.

Meanwhile, Fitz had Secret Service Agent Tom do some digging on Peter Foster. He's had a rough ride the past few years, and didn't have much money. His only family is a sister, who doesn't really have the money for a funeral. Fitz looks pained at this news.

Cut to Pete Foster getting a military funeral at Arlington as his sister stands by, somewhat confused. Fitz shows up and tells her that he arranged this because Pete Foster was an American hero. Fitz stays for the burial, getting more emotional as time goes on. The camera pulls back to reveal Huck standing nearby, watching.

James bursts into Cyrus's office (again, does that seem right? That a reporter can just bust into the Chief of Staff's office whenever, unannounced?) and castigates Cyrus for not telling him about Fitz setting up a military funeral for a broke veteran. James claims he found out about it from a gravedigger's Instagram feed, which is so many levels of weird that I actually love it. James thinks either Cyrus didn't see how it could be a heartwarming story or didn't think James deserved to know. Cyrus offers up a third option: he didn't know about it. He kicks James out, but not before learning that the funeral was for Pete Foster.

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