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Cyrus and Rowan meet on that bench where they always meet. Cyrus is mad that Rowan didn't tell him that Pete Foster is dead. Rowan is like, "Not your problem, and also Pete Foster had the original flight plan." Jake is nearby, using surveillance equipment to listen in, but I guess once you're not working for B613, your equipment becomes low-budget, and he only gets snippets of the conversation, so we also only get snippets of the conversation. Also, Jake is about twenty yards from Rowan and I refuse to believe that Rowan didn't see him, because he's Rowan. But maybe that's all part of Rowan's plan.

Liv sits in her office, doing work with the news on in the background. The reporters are talking about how terribly the trial is going, and how recent events have made Olivia's name a punchline. Ouch. They're not wrong, though. She should dump this zero and work on fixing her own reputation. Harrison and Abby come in to deliver more bad news: Shelley can't be found, and they think it's time to drop this client. Abby adds that if the Senator lied to them about texting, he might have lied about murder. Liv won't hear of it. Abby says that if it's about money, they can all work for free for a few months. Whoa, speak for yourself there, Missy. Liv says she'll use her savings if she has to, and orders them to find Shelley, because they're not dropping this client.

Before we start the next scene, I just want to note that this is the first time in the entire series that I have noticed Liv wearing ill-fitting pants. I don't know if that's supposed to be a sign of her mental condition or if they just goofed in wardrobe, but I thought I would mention it because it's such a departure. They're droopy in the crotch. Anyway, speaking of drooping (I don't know), Jake busts into Liv's office. She tells him he shouldn't be there and he asks breathlessly if she's heard of Pete Foster, because he's the man that Huck killed. Liv isn't interested. Jake says that he was a pilot, and he has some sort of flight plan that was dangerous to the White House and to Fitz. Jake pulled his flight record (that's a thing you can do, I guess?) and it says he flew 86 missions but there are only 85 listed. That seems like sloppy record-keeping. Liv reiterates that she's not interested in her father, the White House, or Jake's conspiracy theories. Jake stops talking, finally, but he drops the file and the recording he made of Rowan's conversation with Cyrus on the desk as he leaves, and we see that Huck was listening in.

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