Say Hello to My Little Friend

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Weiner Dog

After Liv is gone for the day, Huck sneaks into her office and checks out the file. This causes him to have flashbacks to killing Pete Foster, most of which are kind of unnecessary? Like I think we all get that Huck slit Pete Foster's wrists to make it look like a suicide, so what new information did we need? Oh, turns out Pete Foster had a tattoo of a flight plan number. I feel like that could have been conveyed minus the giant bloody slashed wrists.

Cyrus is yelling at Mellie again about her dumb mistake, since it's turned Josephine Marcus into a media sensation. Fitz putters in the background. Mellie seems a little more flustered about it now, and says that she apologized and she can't really do anything else. True. Lay off, Cyrus, or tell her what you want her to do. What good is yelling at her? Fitz finally has had enough and he yells at Cyrus to leave her alone and go take a walk. Cyrus leaves, exasperated, and Mellie sighs a thank you to her husband. Fitz grabs her hand absently and says kindly, "We all make mistakes." The look on Mellie's face when he grabs her hand is heartbreaking. She still loves that doofus, and she is so, so grateful for his support. It breaks my heart. And then she slowly realizes that he's totally engrossed in the report that he's reading and his hand hold was some robotic impulse, not a sign of true caring. She throws his hand aside and angrily stomps out of the room, leaving Fitz wondering what just happened. Do you think Cyrus orchestrated that moment to put Fitz and Mellie back on the same side? I think if he had, they would have shown him smiling slyly as he left the room. This show's not that subtle.

Cyrus pulls Ethan the Plebe into his office and orders him to fly to Montana and dig up some dirt on Josephine Marcus. Cyrus is getting lax; I would think he already had a kill file on all of the potential Democratic candidates.

Abby slithers into David Rosen's office wearing an awesome belted leather jacket, and he immediately says no. He explains that he's not falling prey to whatever stalling tactic she's going to try to employ, since he spent the morning convincing the judge that the defense was only trying to add more addiction witnesses to hide the fact that Shelley Meyers is in the wind. The trial will continue in the morning; if Shelley's not there, they'll move on to closing arguments. Abby says that she really just came by to see if he wanted to get lunch, but David is upset that Abby won't commit to their relationship. So he's made the decision for her: he's out. He's probably better off, even though I like them together. She's bad news for him, because she's got the morals of a snake. A beautiful, auburn-haired snake with awesome clothes.

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