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Liv gets a status update from her team on the search for Shelley Meyers. The status is they've got bupkis. Quinn says that if she were trying to hide out alone, she'd check into the fanciest hotel she could find, but they're already checked all the area hotels. Liv realizes that Shelley would use an alias, and that it might be Elizabeth Cady Stanton, since her daughter was doing that report. Huck finds Shelley under that name at the Grand District Hotel, and Liv heads out.

When Liv gets to Shelley's grand hotel suite, Shelley tells her a story about how one day she let a young, handsome paralegal press his foot against hers in the lunchroom under the table, and she felt so guilty. Shelley, you whore! Anyway, obviously her husband did a lot worse and she's done forgiving him. She's angry about the sacrifices she made for him, and that he has made her look like "the most backwards, anti-feminist this world has ever known." Shelley is a partner in a law firm, and she's supposed to be a poster child and a role model. Are you hearing this, Liv? Does it sound familiar? Like maybe you've let Fitz drag you into the mud too many times, because he's married and the President? And maybe you could do better? Just saying. Liv says she'll recommend a good divorce lawyer, but Shelley shouldn't send her husband to jail for a crime he didn't commit just because she's mad. Shelley doesn't think she can get on the stand and pretend she likes her husband. Liv thinks they can work out a way that Shelley won't have to lie.

One thing they hadn't really addressed at this point in the episode, probably because Liv and Company don't care and neither does the defense, is that if the Senator isn't guilty, then who did it? The case against the Senator is pretty weak. He had motive, for sure, and he was in the apartment at some point, but there's no weapon, and nothing placing him at the scene in the right time frame. Weak sauce, prosecutor and investigators. I was really hoping at this point that it wouldn't turn out Shelley did it, because we've all see Law and Order, and that shit would barely fly in season one of that show.

Back at the trial, the defense lawyer quickly leads Shelley through a recitation of the facts: that the girl was murdered between 8 and 10 PM, but her husband was home with her all evening and they went to bed around 11 PM. David Rosen gets up and tries to make the point that Shelley would say anything to keep her husband out of jail, and then he asks Shelley if she loves her husband. Shelley says no. Oops. Don't ask questions when you don't know the answer, counselor. Shelley lays out her feelings: she hates her husband, he's a creep and a pervert, he has dishonored their marriage and his office, but he's not a murderer, and he shouldn't go to jail for being one. David Rosen backs away like, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck."

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