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Huck checks out autopsy photos of Pete Foster and zooms in on the tattoo of the flight number. Before he can examine it closely, Quinn walks up behind him and starts asking questions about how he killed Foster etc. Huck's like, "Stop being so annoying" and Quinn is like, "You need to talk to someone, obviously, and with me you don't have to pretend to be an alcoholic." She has a point but also she's annoying and more than a little crazy too, so I don't know if she's the best choice for Huck's support team. It feels like she wants to know for her own personal yayas instead of to help him.

Liv's drinking a big-ass glass of wine in her apartment when Jake knocks on her door. Liv doesn't want to let him in until she sees that Huck is with him, and he says they need to talk. Liv goes through the file that Jake has compiled and listens to his recording, but Huck provides the new information. Foster's tattoo was the flight plan for a rescue mission during the First Gulf War, which was classified since it happened on Iranian soil. Jake was on the ground for that mission with four others; they had air support flown by the President, not Pete Foster. Or so the flight plan says. So was Fitz not really flying? Did he get diarrhea or something, so Pete Foster had to step in, and then when it turned heroic, Fitz's daddy paid Foster off so that Fitz could look like the hero. I mean, I hope it was something dumb like diarrhea. That would make me happy.

Ethan returns from Montana with a new pair of cowboy boots. He thinks he failed, because the only thing he learned was that Josephine Marcus walked into a maternity ward at 15, pregnant, and left with no baby and no birth certificate. Why would he think that's a failure? That's a goldmine. Cyrus says as much.

Liv and Senator Meyers wait for a verdict. Meyers muses that his wife hates his guts, and it's his own fault. Liv says that Shelley will get through this and with time, she might even forgive her husband…again. Meyers gets to the point: he didn't commit murder, but Shelley lied for him. She was out shopping on the night of the murder. Oh, crap. She did do it. LAME. Before Liv can connect the dots, the jury returns a verdict and they hustle off to the courtroom to hear it. The jury finds him not guilty. Everyone leaves the courtroom and Liv catches up to Shelley in the hall, whisper-growling at her that she only testified to give herself an alibi, because she thought she could fix the problem in their marriage, because she thought there was just one woman. Shelley pauses and then says, "We all deserve a second chance." Hope you feel good about that blood money, Liv. You just helped a murderer go free.

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