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Try A Little Tenderness
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We start up right where we left off, with Rowan entering Maya’s cell and telling her that their daughter has been asking about her. But if you thought this was a friendly visit, you were wrong. Rowan snaps that she’s not asking about lullabies or cookies, so Maya will be put on a plane and spirited away under the cover of night to somewhere far away. Rowan must still have that plane on standby after Liv refused to use it. He does love to sneak people off via airplanes, doesn’t he? After Rowan finishes ordering Maya around, he leaves without waiting for a response.

But just as he gets to the door, Maya speaks up and says that she wants to see Olivia before she gets taken to a "godforsaken place" in a "godforsaken cell" to live out her "godforsaken life." Rowan tells her that it’s not possible, but Maya tells him to make it possible. I don’t know (or didn’t know on the first viewing) what kind of leverage she has to make such demands, but I admire her moxie. Maya summons as much dignity as she can and reminds Rowan that she’s been in that cell for over twenty years, and he has to give her this one thing before he throws her out with the trash. Rowan looks like he might relent, but then shakes his head and says no, and leaves. Maya screams after him, "EEEEEELLLLLIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" What do you guys think she did? Is it just that she knows too much? Because then Rowan would just have her killed right? Was she a spy? A traitor? Did she put raisins in the oatmeal cookies?

Charlie and Quinn pull up in front of OPA and Charlie tells her to go to work and then report back to him everything that happened that day. Quinn doesn’t respond, so Charlie cheerfully tells her that she doesn’t want the speech where he says she has no choice, and she’ll wish she was dead, and he’ll have a gun to her head the whole time. He’s a real ray of sunshine. Quinn looks nervous and Charlie says he’ll do the speech if he has to, but it’s a lot more fun to pretend he’s her boyfriend. I almost feel bad for Quinn, except then I remember all the stupid decisions she made that landed her in this situation, and then I don’t feel sorry for her.

Quinn walks into the conference room with coffee and apologizes for being late, but no one cares. Olivia is reviewing that the last person who saw Omar Dresden (the passenger they think was removed from the plan) wound up dead, which is a sign that they’re getting closer. Olivia, Harrison, and Abby go off to deal with Josie Marcus, while Quinn, Huck, and Jake stay behind to try to find out who killed the security guard. They already know it was a professional hit using a lethal injection, and Huck plans to search security footage from nearby building. Quinn looks at a photo of the dead guys and literally goes, "GULP!" (This is another reason I hate Quinn. I think Katie Lowes is too over-the-top with her acting. The first season, she just constantly had wide eyes and looks confused, and now she looks incredibly shifty and shady all the time).

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