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Who's The Monster?
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So, Huck has Quinn duct taped up on a sheet of plastic, and he’s getting ready to torture her. He’s giving her a creepy monologue about how he normally starts will peeling off skin or removing fingers and toes, but because Quinn is family, he’s going to start with her teeth. I really don’t buy the performance by Huck as creepy torture guy. It feels really showy and fake to me. I get that reality is heightened on this show, but something about Torture Huck is off-putting and takes me out of the scene. Anyway, Huck lies down next to her and in a very excited voice says that he’s sorry that he’s so excited about this, but he’s never tortured someone in his family before. And then he licks her face. For a show that has 8 million "Come on!" moments, this was the first one that kind of broke me. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t like Quinn as a character, or because I don’t like Huck’s performance, but that felt like too much for me. I know other people loved this scene, so it’s clearly personal preference.

Huck promises that he won’t kill her, but he is going to rip out her teeth, and he inserts a crank of some sort in her mouth to hold it open. My other problem is that it doesn’t seem like very effective torture, because she’s willing to spill everything before he even starts. So why not just get the information and skip the torture? I guess torturers aren’t big on efficiency. Just as Huck is about to remove a tooth, his phone rings.

He shushes Quinn and answers to Liv whispering, "She’s alive." Liv starts freaking out, "My mother! She’s alive and she’s here in my apartment. What do I do? She’s not dead." Think about what a mind fuck that would be. Huck snaps into B613 mode and tells Olivia to hang up and take the battery out of her cell phone and go to the safe house and wait for him. Olivia has a lot of questions but Huck yells at her to just go because if Maya is alive then Command is coming for her. It should be noted that Liv is hiding in a different room and peeking at her mom through a crack in the door throughout.

Huck hangs up and tells Quinn that he’s sorry he has to go, but Liv needs him. Then he decides they might have time for one tooth extraction, and he takes on as his motto "YOLO" (episode title alert!). He yanks out one of Quinn’s teeth, and she screams. Doesn’t she live in an apartment? With neighbors? Maybe Huck killed them all.

Flash to Sally and Leo, her campaign advisor. Leo presents Sally with two sets of papers: one is to register her candidacy for President, and the other is to resign the Vice Presidency. Leo tells her that he needs a pledge from her first, because he needs her to abandon the Christian Conservatives after they get her into the debates. Sally thinks he’s joking, but Leo says that Sally has to come out as pro-choice or she won’t win. Sally starts to refuse and Leo packs up, saying that he can’t make her first female President unless she changes her abortion stance, because women won’t vote for a pro-life candidate. Then Leo just yells at her, and scolds her like a child. I guess that’s a valid acting choice, but I think it would have been better if he had been calm and cool with zero emotion.

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