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Who's The Monster?

Charlie and Quinn walk into Rowan’s office. Quinn tells Charlie that she knows the team’s burner signals, so she can track them down that way. Charlie grabs her and tells her that she’s the coolest girlfriend ever. Aw, Charlie. I know you’re a murderer and a bad guy, but I still think it’s sweet that you have such a crush on Quinn, because she’s awful. They kiss and enter the building.

Meanwhile, the OPA team arrives at a military airport where a plane is waiting. Liv explains to Maya that the plane will take her to Hong Kong where she’ll be allowed to bypass customs. If anything goes wrong, Maya has a phone to call for help and a gun for other reasons. Maya says goodbye and Liv promises to keep working to clear Maya’s name. That’s your goodbye to your mother? Maya walks away and Abby scolds Olivia for not giving her mother a hug when they might never see one another again. The opening notes of "Ben" strike up again as Liv mulls over what to do, and finally she calls out, "Mom!" She walks, and then runs to her mother and gives her a big hug as Maya says shakily, "I love you, Olivia!"

That causes Liv to flash back to the last morning with her mother again, the same scene we saw previously. Except this time, Liv remembers what happened after her mother left the house. The phone rang, and a man asked for Marie, Liv’s mom. Liv said her mom’s name was Maya and she wasn’t home and hung up.

Present Liv looks confused by the memory as she watches her mother get on the plane and then wave from the window. The plane starts taxiing and Liv starts gasping with realization. She calls Huck and asks what her mother’s name was on the No Fly list. Huck looks it up and reports that it was Marie Wallace. Liv tells him what she just realized: her father was trying to protect her this whole time, because he didn’t want Liv to know who her mother really was and what she did. She concludes, "He’s not the monster. She is." So shouldn’t someone be stopping that plane from taking off? You know, the plane that the President arranged to help a known terrorist leave the country with fake identification and a gun? It seems like there might be some blow back from that beyond Liv’s emotions.

But Huck is worried about another problem, because right now, Quinn and Charlie are standing in front of Rowan. We flash back to Quinn promising Huck that she will do something if he lets her go. Now Quinn is standing in front of Rowan, demanding every copy of the tape of her killing the security guard. As Rowan leans forward to meet her demands, Quinn pulls a syringe out of her pocket just like the one she used to kill the security guard. I’m not sure how she plans to get past Charlie once she kills Rowan, but maybe she’s got another syringe in the other pocket.

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