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Who's The Monster?

Anyway, Leo says that he’s not really asking her to change her stance, because she doesn’t have a choice if she wants to be President. He forces Sally to practice her new statement on abortion, which is that she doesn’t think she has the right to get in between the relationship of a woman and her doctor. Leo approves and hands her the pen to sign away her entire belief system. I don’t think Sally has been faking the religious thing for votes and as much as I may personally disagree with her politics, at least she had an ethical leg to stand on. No more. Now she’s as dirty as everyone else on the show.

Cyrus and James are in bed, with James typing away on his laptop and Cyrus trying to sleep with visions of James and Daniel Douglas’s tryst in his head. Frankly, I would be more annoyed by someone typing two inches from my head while I was trying to sleep than anything else. He can’t take his laptop elsewhere? James takes pleasure in using double entendres to torture Cyrus, like how he got Daniel Douglas to "go deep." They both dance around the subject but then decide to ignore it for now, as each tries to figure out how much the other knows. That seems like a fun marriage. I’m not sure who I’m supposed to empathize with her; I think they’re both awful, but I guess Cyrus is more awful.

Flashback to Liv eating breakfast while her mom gets ready to get on the plane to London. Liv listens to "Ben" by Michael Jackson and that song has been in my head ALL WEEK and I only know the first two lines. So annoying. Anyway, it’s the same flashback we saw previously, so no new information here. Yet. Cut to present day Olivia huddled in a corner with the gladiators arguing in front of her. Harrison and Abby feel like they’re out of the loop because, as Abby puts it, "Dead Mama Pope" is suddenly alive and well. Jake says they had no idea either.

Abby decides to take matters into her own hands and yells at Maya, "Where have you been for the past 22 years?" (No had asked her that until now?) Maya says that she found out the truth about her husband, that she had "married a man and found out he was a monster," so she stole some files and was going to turn them over to a reporter. Then she was going on the run with Olivia, but Eli/Rowan caught her and threw her in a prison under a fake name, "Omar Something." Well, that jibes with the fake name that the team found out in their investigation. Maya continues that a couple of days ago, Eli/Rowan pulled her out and put her in a warehouse in preparation for moving, so she escaped. Jake and Huck immediately freak out when they find out that she escaped. Seriously, this is all just coming up now? Anyway, they slam Maya on the table and dig out the tracking chip that is implanted in her neck. It’s bloody. The whole time, Liv is just huddled in a corner, looking traumatized. I hope the second half of the season features Olivia Getting Her Groove Back, because I miss confident Liv.

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