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Who's The Monster?

Outside the safe house, Charlie and a couple of goons advance. They burst into the safe house, but Liv and company are already gone. All that’s left for Charlie to find is a tracking device in a puddle of blood on a table. He kicks a chair in frustration. Stupid chair.

As Eli/Rowan gives his version of Tommy Lee Jones’s "Every farmhouse, hen house, outhouse and doghouse" speech from The Fugitive, we also see Jake and Huck taking precautions like swapping license plates and putting a spray on the car windshield so that traffic cameras won’t detect their faces. The OPA group assembles at a different safe house, I guess. A safer house? How many of these do they have? Jake and Huck are trying to figure out a place to send Maya. They explain that they need a friendly dictatorship because free societies are too hard to control and dictatorships are bribe-friendly. They toss around some ideas but finally Liv speaks up and says quietly that they’re sending her to Hong Kong as soon as Harrison’s friend comes through with the new identification and passport. Someone (Abby) finally asks where Quinn is. Guess it shows how unimportant she is to the team that they only now noticed that she isn’t there. Huck just says that Quinn is where she needs to be and he should go check on her. No one questions that weird statement, but Liv says that she needs Huck to stay there, and he nods.

Meanwhile, Quinn is still duct taped up and bleeding from the mouth. I will say that her mascara is holding up really well for someone who presumably has been crying. Must be waterproof. She rolls over and sees her tooth sitting on the floor. Look, I had a tooth extracted with just Novocain, if the dentist knows what he’s doing, it’s not that bad. I guess Huck didn’t pack the wound with gauze, though.

Harrison and Abby are back to OPA offices, which have been ransacked. They bicker over how Liv is handling this whole thing. Harrison thinks she’s fine; Abby thinks there’s no way she could be fine given the events of the past few days. Some lady comes in, and she and Harrison clearly have a history because there is some heavy eye-fucking going on. She’s going to create the new IDs for Maya, and promises to do her best for Harrison. Then they stare at each other for a while until Abby chimes in, "I’m Abby." Heh. As she heads out, the lady tells Harrison, "Adnan Salif says 'Hello'." A worried Harrison responds, "Adnan Salif’s back? Back here?" She just tells him to keep his phone on and she’ll have the ID in a few hours. So I guess they’re still running with that "You in danger, Harrison" storyline.

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