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Who's The Monster?

Mellie catches up with Cyrus in the corridor and has to sprint after him to ask what’s going on with the Daniel Douglas sting. Cyrus wants no part of this conversation and just repeats that they’re holding until he tells Mellie that she must have some fat kids somewhere to motivate. It must be fun to write Cyrus’s dialogue, as he says all the things most people would keep inside. Mellie spits at him to stop holding and play the cards already, then stomps off.

As Huck re-bandages Maya’s wrists (has anyone asked about those injuries?), Olivia walks in with some breakfast food. Maya tells Liv to have breakfast with her, but Liv demurs. Maya insists. Olivia slowly sits down and says that there’s not much to tell about her life. Maya says that she had fantasies while in prison where she imagined Liv married to a dentist named Ray, who came home for dinner every night with their son, Sam. So she doesn’t like seeing what Liv’s become, because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of laughter in her life. Well, gee, could that have anything to do with the fact that in the past few hours Liv has found out that her mother is alive and her father hid her for 22 years? Maya says that she sees what Liv does, and realizes that she’s more like her father than her mother. Ouch. Maya concludes, "Eli raised you in his image, didn’t he?" Liv stares at her mother, disturbed, and says, "I am not anything like him." I’m guessing Liv is starting to be no so sorry that her mother disappeared.

Huck and Jake stand on the balcony outside the safe house/room drinking coffee. Huck notes that Liv seems smaller and slower, and he wonders how long they can run and hide. Huck adds that Maya won’t be safe forever, no matter how well they hide her. Jake says calmly that she won’t be safe as long as Command’s still alive. Huck thinks Command is hard to get to, and Jake says that they’ll need help. Why is Huck such a weirdo after his time in the hole and Jake is so (outwardly, at least) normal? I guess Jake wasn’t in there as long. Or maybe he’s a robot. That would be quite a finale reveal.

Jake decides to ask Fitz for help. He visits the Oval in full dress uniform, but unshaven, so it looks weird. Fitz doesn’t seem super shocked that Maya is alive, and says that they need to get her and Liv to safety. Jake disagrees; they need to take out Rowan. Fitz makes it clear that he knows who Rowan really is, and asks Jake what his problem is. Jake points out that he got royally screwed over on the Remington deal, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He got enslaved to B613 while Fitz became President, and Fitz doesn’t care because he only cares about Liv and himself. Fitz doesn’t deny what Jake said and adds that he also wants to get rid of B613 and Rowan, but now is not the time. Fitz says that Jake could stick around and help him figure out a plan to dismantle B613, but only wants to be Liv’s hero. Fitz says with snark, "Word to the wise. She doesn’t need one." Jake bites back, "Must be nice, letting other people fight your battles." I love when someone tells Fitz off, especially when they’re right. I feel like Jake would join my anti-Fitz campaign. We could use a real go-getter like him. Lots of initiative there.

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