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Who's The Monster?

Quinn is still taped up on the floor of her apartment. She looks around for something to help her and sees a glass on a nearby table. She wiggles her way over and knocks the glass off with her feet. It doesn’t break.

Sally sits Daniel Douglas down and tells him that she’s making her announcement tomorrow. Daniel Douglas is pleased and Sally is jubilant as she thanks him for his patience and discipline (uh oh). Daniel Douglas looks down and can only muster a half smile but Sally doesn’t notice.

Cyrus is still looking at the naked pictures of James and Daniel Douglas in his office, which seems like a terrible idea. James walks in and gloats some more about how he’s going to see Daniel Douglas again because he’s fascinating. They have a conversation full of subtext about how James didn’t get everything he needed the first time and they barely scratched the surface. James also says that "Danny" is coming to their place tonight to "finish up." James confirms that Cyrus has a donor dinner tonight or it could have been "a threesome." Ugh, I just want to yell at them to talk to one another because these conversations are annoying.

James leaves Cyrus’s office and runs into Daniel Douglas in the hallway. Daniel Douglas is all cheery and happy and asks if he can look at James’s article before it goes to print, but James says that’s not allowed. So, Daniel Douglas grabs him and growls/whispers that he’s not gay, and issues a bunch of denials about what happened because he loves and is attracted to his wife. Daniel Douglas also calls homosexuality "this sickness" and "a despicable temptation" before reiterating that he’s not gay. He closes by begging James not to embarrass him and his family. Okay, I’m convinced! You’re not gay! Just because you like making out with other dudes and getting naked with them and flirting with them and…okay, that’s where your argument kind of falls apart, Double D.

Liv is standing at a vending machine when she remembers what happened right before the flashback scene we saw earlier. Maya was on the phone with someone and confirmed that he would meet her at the gate and she had everything they needed. Present day Liv runs back into the motel room and asks her mother if she talked to the reporter who was going to expose Rowan that morning. Maya’s not sure because it was so long ago. Liv thinks they can track down the reporter, who will corroborate Maya’s story and then Rowan will have to let her go free. Maya thinks that Rowan will just kill the reporter, and that Liv can’t protect him. She adds that the possibility of a life above ground isn’t worth putting others at risk. Maya says firmly that as long as Rowan is alive, she will have to run, and she’s okay with that now, because she got to see Olivia. Seems a little fishy that Maya shot that plan down immediately, no? Plus some emotional manipulation of her daughter thrown in for good measure? Maybe I’ve watched too much Alias? (No such thing).

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