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Who's The Monster?

Jake and a team of guns-for-hire follow Rowan into a warehouse to kill him. Except Rowan rigged the warehouse with a bomb, which blows up and kills some of Jake’s men. Meanwhile, we see Rowan and Charlie driving away outside in a town car. Charlie is giddy, but Rowan says sharply that he doesn’t enjoy killing. He condones it, but he doesn’t enjoy it. Then he tells Charlie to activate his asset (Quinn). Charlie says he’s been calling her, with no answer, and Rowan says he needs to track her down. I’m no spy, but it seems like a terrible idea to let your hostage roam freely and lose track of her for hours at a time.

Quinn is still trying to break the glass she knocked on the floor. She finally does.

Jake returns to the Safer House and reports what happened to Huck, who decides he needs to take off and deal with some shit. And by "some shit," I mean Quinn. She’s busy using the broken glass to try to cut through the duct tape on her wrists. Before she can make much progress, Huck walks in and slams her against the radiator, preparing to duct tape her to it. He removes the tape from her mouth so that she can whine, "Pleeeeeeeeease, Huck." Why doesn’t she just start telling him shit? Get down to business, girl. Huck tells her that they need to "rip a little, talk a little" and if your head didn’t go right to The Music Man, I don’t even know what to tell you. He prepares to yank another tooth and off Quinn’s scream, we cut to…

…Liv finalizing arrangements for her mother in Hong Kong. Harrison also has the required new ID in hand, but Abby reports that there’s a problem. Huck has alerted them that Maya is on the FBI'S 10 Most Wanted list as a terrorist, so she’s not flying anywhere commercially. As we go to the next scene, the camera zooms in on the alert, and we see that Maya is listed under the name Marie Wallace and the charges are espionage, treason, and being an enemy of the state according to the Office of Homeland Security. Figured they wouldn’t show that if it weren’t important. I’m also shocked that Maya isn’t like, "What is this thing? What’s an iPad? And how are you all talking on cordless phones? What’s Homeland Security?" I mean, it’s been 22 years.

Abby goes to visit David to try to get him to take Maya off the No Fly list because the charges are false. David tells Abby that she’s aiding and abetting.

Sally goes to see Fitz and hands him the papers declaring her resignation and intention to run against him as an Independent. She tells him the official announcement is the next day and heads out. Fitz is like, "Hold up, partner. WTF?" He asks what she wants and says they can work something out. Sally tells him that he’s brought immeasurable destruction to the country, the party, and his family. Fitz doesn’t think she’ll win, but Sally says he told her to climb through a window, and this is her window, between his infidelity and Josie Marcus’s collapse. Fitz tells her she can stick with him and wait it out to run when his term is up, or she can commit political suicide. (I feel like I’m recapping last week’s Survivor all over again; the same speech was given there). Fitz does that thing where he gets up in her face which feels oddly sexually threatening. Fitz vows that she will regret this day forever, and he won’t stop until he’s sure of that. Sally hisses, "See you on the battlefield." I guess I’m rooting for Sally here?

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