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Who's The Monster?

Anyway, Cyrus’s phone call was from Fitz, and Cyrus is summoned to the Oval, where Fitz and Mellie wait angrily. Fitz says that Cyrus failed to take care of the Sally problem, because she’s announcing her candidacy tomorrow. Fitz lays into Cyrus about how he’s always claiming to do the dirty work, and that he has Fitz’s back, and now Sally has shived him in the back and where was Cyrus? If I were Cyrus, I think I would tell Fitz to fuck off. I mean, seriously.

Fitz stomps out and Mellie asks Cyrus what happened with their brilliant plan. Cyrus can’t answer, because he’s sobbing. Mellie doesn’t even know what to do with that, so she starts to leave the room and give Cyrus his privacy, but she pauses at the door when she realizes that she has some valuable lessons learned in this area. She speaks to Cyrus’s back and tells him that it hurts until it doesn’t, and he thinks it will break him, but it won’t. Eventually he’ll be numb, but fine, and aren’t numb and fine the same things? Oof, Mellie. You are one damaged parcel. Cyrus, collected now, turns to face her and Mellie tells him that he has to see the Sally thing through.

Charlie enters Quinn’s apartment making a joke about calling in sick but then he sees her bloody and duct-taped on the ground.

David tells Abby that he got someone at the FBI to access Maya’s file, but even that set off some alarms, so there’s no way he can quietly take her off the No Fly list. Abby wonders why he didn’t tell her over the phone. Probably so Joshua Malina could get some screen time; haven’t seen him in a while. David says he wanted to see her, so she kisses him and says she’ll call him later.

Abby goes into the Safer House and reports that David couldn’t do anything. Maya, resigned, says that Rowan always wins. Liv promises her that they’ll find another way, because this is what she does, and what she’s good at. Liv leaves the room and calls Fitz, but doesn’t know how to begin explaining the situation. Fitz says he knows that Maya is alive; Jake told him, because they both want to help. Liv says he can’t do anything, because of the nature of Maya’s (fake) crimes; helping her in any way would result in Fitz going to prison. Liv says she just called to hear his voice and talk about jam and Vermont and kids. Ugh, go to Vermont with someone else, Liv. There are plenty of unmarried fish in the sea. Liv just wanted a minute of normalcy, and that I get. I remember when my mom died, and while she was on life support, we spent a terrible night in the hospital and I took a break outside with two of my cousins and one of them told me a hilarious story about constipation (you had to be there) and it felt so good to have a minute of just normal conversation that it made it easier to go back into the hospital room. So, I get it. Anyway, Fitz says he’s taking care of it even though Liv doesn’t want him to, and she is grateful. He tells her he loves her and they hang up, and then Fitz calls the Pentagon.

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