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Who's The Monster?

Quinn comes out of the bathroom, having showered, wearing only a towel. Charlie hands her a glass of straight vodka, both to numb the pain and to disinfect her wounds. This was the point where I wondered if Quinn, knowing Charlie would come looking for her eventually, was going to double cross him. Anyway, Quinn starts crying, which makes Charlie uncomfortable. He tells her to buck up, and then grabs her and yells at her to stop crying. She looks in his eyes and says that Huck was the only person she had, and he hurt her. Charlie hugs her tenderly and says that she has him. I think Charlie’s in loooo-oooove. He kisses her, but she cringes due to the pain, so he backs off. You see Quinn steeling herself for what she knows that she has to do. She looks at Charlie until he looks back, and then she slowly drops her towel. And then they start doing it. I don’t know why he would want to French her. Bloody mouth holes are gross.

Cyrus walks into Sally’s office and after trading insults, drops the photos of Daniel Douglas and James on her desk. Sally doesn’t seem shocked, but she does seem both grossed out and upset as she shuffles through them and then lays them aside. Sally gathers herself, and then asks Cyrus if this is supposed to keep her off the ballot. He says it will, and she retorts that he’ll never go public with them because he doesn’t want to ruin his husband and his marriage, and just in case she’s wrong about that, she adds that the party would never bear the Chief-of-Staff’s husband having relations with a married man. She manages to get a dig in at Cyrus about his "immoral future" with James, in case you thought her husband’s activities made her cool with the gays all of a sudden. Sally tells Cyrus that his empty threats and intimidation won’t work this time; he lost and it’s over. Cyrus has no comeback and walks out. That Sally is a cool customer. A homophobic customer, but a cool one. That said, as he leaves, Sally looks like she’s trying to avoid hurling into her garbage can, so maybe her coolness was all an act.

Cyrus calls James, who answers for reasons I don’t understand. Cyrus says that he’s sorry, that he did a horrible thing, and that no one (including Sally) will ever see the photos. Dude, if you’re going to come clean, come clean. Because even if James does accept your apology, he will probably eventually find out that you lied and then it’s over again. Cyrus asks if James can forgive him, and James doesn’t answer, but we see he’s sitting on the bed next to a partially packed suitcase. Come on, James! Leave him!

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