My Bad Too

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My Bad Too

Carla is freaking out because she forgot about a parents' meeting at Izzy's daycare. Somehow she extrapolates this to mean that Izzy will eventually start dating a gangbanger who will shoot Turk in the face. Turk assures her that she's a good mom. Carla claims that saying something so nice will come back to him in a good way. Like sexually?

Turk relates the story to JD, who thinks Carla is referring to "the boudoir," so they high five, chest bump, and then groin bump. Turk says he doesn't like the groin bump so much. None of us did, Turk. JD moves on to the task at hand -- they're standing on the roof and they've lined the interns up in the parking lot below in the formation of Space Invaders. JD and Turk start pelting the interns with water balloons. It's an awesome visual. One intern, Boone, is the mother ship. Turk pelts him with a balloon, and Boone falls and hits his head in the parking lot.

JD and Turk are forced to face their soggy, injured interns, and JD claims that they were teaching them a lesson, to be revealed later. JD overhears Cox telling people they need to be ready for anything the hospital throws at him, so Turk runs off to tell the interns. Cox goes on a rant about an obese patient who had weight-loss surgery but couldn't stop eating. Cox thinks they should pay him to take the food out of their hands. Kelso interrupts to say they're all getting sick of Cox's speeches and he's going to start playing the award show music to get Cox to shut up. Cox thinks he might try his "snatch from the hand" diet plan on Kelso, now that Kelso has free muffins for life.

This whole vignette is interrupted by a burn patient coming in, and JD voiceovers that some burns are so bad, they all take a second look. JD promises a patient named Emery that they'll take good care of him. After credits, JD tells Emery that his skin grafts are looking great, and he should be in rehab in a few weeks. Emery wants out earlier than that so he can attend his high school graduation and JD promises to help.

In the coffee shop, Carla and Turk talk about their anniversary, and what gifts they got for each other. Carla leaves, and Turk tells the guys that he learned Spanish for Carla. Janitor butts in and says that he got Lady the gift of helping her overcome her fear of the unknown. He doesn't give details and we don't want them. At least I don't. Kelso: "Women are like crows. They like shiny things. Classy stuff they can wear in their ears, around their necks, through their nipples." Janitor: "Crows have nipples?" There's nothing funnier than a good unclear antecedent joke.

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