My Bad Too

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My Bad Too

JD thinks Turk's gift is great, because now they can talk to the day laborers across the street. JD imagines them going over and saying hello, and a guy in a white suit comes out and says that, for using basic human kindness and compassion, they have earned a trip to a magical place called Amigoville. They end up in a park, filled with family, giant churros, a guacamole-filled lake, and twin Carlas who want to give Turk a massage. And then JD gets kicked out for not speaking Spanish.

Lloyd, the UPS guy, is not Lloyd the ambulance driver. And he still drives around and plays air drums. JD comes up and asks Elliott for advice on Emery going to his high school graduation. Elliott talks about her valedictory address in high school, where she accidentally read one of her mom's love letters to the pool boy, and ended up talking about "throbbing members." I could watch a whole show about Elliott's effed up childhood. Elliott advises JD not to get Emery's hopes up, so JD immediately goes in and tells Emery that he'll definitely be going to the graduation. Oops.

Elliott comes over to babysit Izzy so that Carla and Turk can have their anniversary dinner. Or "brinner" as Turk calls it -- his new obsession is breakfast for dinner. Carla gets a phone call, so Turk secretly hands over a list of things he does for Izzy that Carla doesn't know about, like sleeping in her crib with her, and giving her sugary juice. Elliott is psyched that she and Turk can break Carla's stringent rules. Elliott leaves and Carla speaks in Spanish on the phone, complaining that she'd cook brinner if Turk would clean the apartment once in a while. Turk gets all that, because he knows Spanish now, and he speed-cleans the apartment. Carla, since she doesn't know about Turk's new language capabilities, is thrilled. And confused.

Elliott brings Izzy to the hospital to pick up a stroller. She overhears JD telling a nurse to get Emery a cap and gown. Elliott is pissed that JD asked her advice when he didn't intend to follow it. JD says he really just wanted someone to back up his own plan, which is what anyone wants when they ask advice, and Elliott is annoyed.

Turk and Carla finish up brinner and Carla wants to do presents. Her present is a sexy outfit for Turk, but he doesn't think it beats brinner. Turk doesn't want to admit that he knows Spanish yet, so he says that he'll buy Carla something at the jewelry store.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Cox tells JD that Emery's leg is infected and he can't attend his graduation. Meanwhile, Emery is trying on his mortarboard. Oops.

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