My Bad Too

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My Bad Too

Dr. Cox asks Turk how his gift went over. Turk admits he hasn't told Carla about the Spanish yet, because it feels like a secret power, but now he feels like he's spying on her, so he has to come clean. Kelso says that he reads his wife's e-mail, and Cox says that he reads Jordan's journal. Turk says that something he overheard Carla saying caused him to wear deodorant when he works out, so everybody wins.

JD doesn't know how to tell Emery he can't leave, especially since Emery has now written a song called "I'm Going to Graduation (The Graduation Song)." Elliott thinks they can still get him to graduation if they have some help.

Turk pisses Cox off, so Cox tells Carla (in Spanish) that Turk thinks she is an overbearing control freak with Izzy. Turk gives away his power when he responds to it, and Carla realizes that he understands Spanish. She's...not happy.

Elliott and JD get help from Turk and Carla, as well as Lloyd, to take Emery to his graduation. In the ambulance, Turk admits that he should have told Carla that he knew Spanish. She immediately forgives him, and explains that she told him the other day that his good deeds would come back to him. So this is it. Plus, it turns out that Carla is kind of turned on when Turk speaks Spanish.

JD takes out Emery's IV and promises his morphine will kick in soon. The announcer calls Emery's name, as Elliott, JD, and Carla look on. Except that Emery passes out from pain before he can make it across the stage. Oops.

Later, JD asks Elliott why she helped him when she was mad at him earlier. Elliott says they always help each other out, but JD says that only happens when they've both single. They agree to continue being good friends, even if they're in relationships, unless they're dating someone really hot. Or fugly, but easy.

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