My Hard Labor

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My Hard Labor

JD walks into his apartment and tells Kim, "You're amazing!" and then kisses her belly and whispers, "I love you" to the baby. He hopes Kim doesn't wonder why he hasn't said those three little words to her yet, but from the look on her face, she's totally wondering that.

Hospital. Keith still hates Elliot. A pediatrician asks Carla to give a kid a shot, and she wonders why he can't do it himself. Elliot explains that the guy is "Dr. No Shot," and that kids love him because he never gives them shots. That will be important later. Cox asks Intern Annoying Voice and another intern who I'm just going to call Joe until they tell me his name why they haven't treated a patient. Intern AV starts to explain, but Cox reminds her that they have a new system where she writes everything down so that he doesn't have to hear her voice. She writes a note about how the patient doesn't want interns treating him, and Cox is as annoyed by her girly handwriting as he is by her voice. Cox gives the interns a pep talk about how they have to treat patients in order to learn, so they should tell the patient, "I'm your doctor. Deal with it!" The interns repeat after him, but he tells AV not to talk. Joe repeats the line with absolutely no conviction whatsoever, and Cox pronounces it peachy.

JD and Turk walk out of the hospital. JD laments that he doesn't love Kim. Turk decides they should go to his place and play a war game on the XBOX. JD says he's not going to break up with Kim, because statistics say that kids are better off with an intact family. That's interesting, because most people I know who had parents who stayed together for the sake of the children wish their parents had split long ago. Carla comes in and asks if the baby is sleeping. Turk looks worried, but says she is. Carla points out that the baby is actually on her back in a carrier, and yells at Turk for failing to check on his kid because he was too busy playing videogames. She wants him to throw the XBOX out. Turk protests, and JD agrees, at least until Carla gives him the XBOX. JD's pager goes off, and he announces that he's having a baby! Right now! Well, he's not, but Kim is having his baby. You know. Anyway, Turk is excited to be a bluncle ("black uncle"). I feel like that's a shout-out to my "drunkle" mash-up from years ago. Because I do have a drunk uncle. Nice guy. Likes to drink and then pass out. Anyway, JD wants to have a three-way jumping hug even though Carla and Turk thinks it's cheesy. They try it, and all agree that it was corny. The baby doesn't mind the jiggling, which means it's the mellowest baby in the world.

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