My Hard Labor

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My Hard Labor

Kim lies in a hospital bed, wearing a gown and not acting like she's in any kind of labor. JD is excited to meet his son, Sam. Kim just wants him to be healthy, which causes JD to fantasize about Colin Hay coming out of Kim's birth canal and playing "Down Under" for the medical personnel. Kim decides this is the right moment to talk about her feelings for JD, but before she can get very far, the doctor comes in and asks Kim if she'll be wanting an epidural. Kim will, but she hates pain so much, she wants something to reduce the pain of the epidural. The doctor laughs, and Kim snaps, "I hate her and her chipmunk-y face." JD promises that he'll be in charge of the epidural. He vows that it will feel like passing a marshmallow, which Kim thinks sounds "sticky and uncomfortable." JD tries unicorn, but Kim thinks "that's a big horse with a horn." JD finally settles on rainbow, and Kim likes that description.

Cox takes his daughter into the bedroom and tells Jordan (who's not interested) that their daughter, Jennifer, needs to go to the hospital and get a steroid shot for her rash. Jordan wonders why Cox can't do the shot at home, and Cox says that he doesn't want his daughter to see him as "just another white coat that she wil forever associate with pain." Jordan points out that babies have no memory, but acquiesces. If by "acquiesces," you mean, "turns out the light and falls asleep."

Turk calls Carla from the hospital and says he needs to be there for JD. He hangs up and announces that he needs someone to help him defeat the XBOX game. Kelso won't help, but admits that he's there because he lives in the hospital now, since his wife kicked him out. Janitor offers to play with Turk.

JD muses about cloth diapers, saying that if they were orange with black spots, Sam would look like Bam Bam Rubble. Kim starts talking about her feelings again, and JD is relieved when Dr. Cox wanders in, looking for the pediatrician. JD coos over little baby JD, and Cox wishes Kim the best and hopes the baby gets Kim's genes. After Cox leaves, JD prays that Kim doesn't remember their earlier conversation, but then in a typical JD move, he prompts her to recall it. Kim wants to know how JD feels about their relationship. JD stops her and says that she's amazing, but that he's not ready to reciprocate her feelings yet. Kim understands that she hurt JD, and that he'll need more time than her to get over it. JD is relieved that Kim isn't going to say the three little words to him, except then she totally does.

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